Lost Pet Rat Outside

Pet rats like to explore all the places. Pet rats are very curious in nature. 

If you give them a chance, they will go outside of the house and never return back to their abode. You might lose a pet rat as a result. 

In this blog post, we are going to discuss how you can find a lost rat outside. 

You will learn a simple strategy to lure a pet rat out of hiding on the outside and not more. 

How do you find a lost rat outside?

It can be very worrisome when your pet rats go outside of the house and never return. 

You might not feel good about the situation if it lasts more than 24 hours. A lot of things might be running through your mind.

When something like this happens, you might be thinking if the pet rat has fallen prey into the hand of the predators. 

Photo by Tanner Johnson

A lot of things will be going on in your mind and you will become restless until you find the pet rats again. 

There is no specific strategy you can apply when you are looking for your lost rat outside. You just have to search everywhere.

I will say you should start by looking out for possible tracks to which they can follow on the outside. 

Once you’re able to see some tracks, spread some paper crumbles and polythene nylon around the tracks. 

These will stand as an alarm whenever the rats are matching on them to notify you that they are around. 

If it happens that you have fences or walls with holes, you should check inside of them as rats might find their way into the walls hiding and not be able to get out. 

You will need to check some of the junks you have in the garage outside. The rats might go there to find some abode. 

Look in between the heavy stuff and be very careful when you are turning them around so that it will not injure the rats if it is there. 

You can also search for the rat in your neighborhood’s properties. The rat might have gone out of the immediate surroundings to the next neighborhood. 

I knew someone who later found his rat in the neighborhood’s car the next day. 

After you have such all over the place, you can check the inside for rats if you are yet to see it. 

This can be counter intuitive, but I want you to know that rats are very smart and they can find their way back home from another entrance. 

Another thing you can do is to make posters of the rat giving out the details. Paste the posters all over the place. This will be much prettier if you have the picture of the rats. 

It is very essential to remain calm when you are searching for the right so that you will be able to think straight. 

You need to relax a little bit after you have searched for the rats for several hours all to no avail. The rats might find its way back home

How do you lure a pet rat out of hiding?

Rats are intelligent little creatures and they can read their environment to some extent.

If you don’t treat your rat very well, it can go into hiding and never come back to meet you essentially when you are being cruel.

You can make use of toys to lure a rat out of hiding. This method can only be effective if they are familiar with the toy in the past.

Sound can also be used to draw out the pet rat out of the hiding. This will work if you have been training them with a particular sound or command.

You just need to make those sounds and the rat might likely come out of hiding.

The most effective one is to prepare some of the favorite treats of the rat and please it’s closer to the hole in which the rat is hiding.

Just make sure that the treat you prepared for the rat has a strong smell. This will draw out the rat out of the hole when they are hungry 

Can a pet rat survive outside?

Rats can survive on an outside for about 24 hours depending on how well fed they are before they go out of the house. 

When the rat is outside their survival mechanism will kick in place and start working on them.

The first thing is that the rat will look out for somewhere safe to hide. They will ensure that he is familiar with that area before moving out of the place.

After that, the rat will go out to look for something to eat so that it will not die of hunger and to ensure a regular supply of food.

If the rat is unable to find something tangible in the environment, the next thing is to feed on the leaves within the reach. 

In the process, the rat might be looking out for a truck back to the house of his owners. 

Do rats escape cages?

Exploration is one of the characteristics of the rat. They are fond of going all over the place in order to learn more about their immediate environment.

If you place your rat in the cage most of the time, you prevent the rats from exhibiting this exploration desire.

As a result of this, the rat will be looking out for a time you are going to leave the door to the cage open. 

When this happens, the rats are going to take advantage of it and go outside to explore. 

Can escape rats come back home?

Rats are very smart and they read about their immediate environment. It works on their intention to determine if they are far away from home.

When they find themselves in a strange environment, they will do everything within their capacity so find a truck back home. 

The rats will keep searching for something that looks similar to the place where they are coming from. If there is any, they are going to trace back to locate their house.

How do you keep pet rats from escaping?

You need to create an environment that is conducive for the rats in order to keep them from escaping.

Make sure the space you are giving or the cage you are creating for the rat is spacious and give them room to go all over the place. 

If you keep them in the cage all the time, you need to create a space within the house, which is enclosed and place them in there in order to explore. 

Overtime, you can allow them to roam all over the houses to get them familiar with their immediate environment. 

Are rats escape artists?

Rats are escape artists especially when they are not being treated well by their owners. 

They are going to do everything within their capacity to get on outside to explore for better options.

Rats are very determined and they are going to do everything within their capacity to escape. 

You might see your rats creating holes on the door made out of wood with their teeth so that they will be able to get on our side. 

Rats are very calculative and they can do this when you are not noticing them. 

Why does my mouse keep trying to escape?

Your rats will keep trying to escape for a number of times if you don’t give them a chance to explore the immediate environment.

That will also want to get on the outside if they see something frightening within the home. 

This will be when you have pictures of their predictors like cats, tiger, lion on the one within the home.


You have to search all over the place if your rats are lost on the outside. You can also check the neighborhood’s property when you are looking for your rat. 

Try to be calm and don’t be too frantic about it when you lose your rats on the outside. Rats are very smart and they can find their way back home.