Do Rats Watch Tv?

Rats are a great companion and they always observe whatever we are doing or engaged.

You might notice sometimes your rats lay beside you while you are watching TV and you wonder if they really enjoy watching the TV.

In this blog post, you are going to discover but actually like watching TV. You will also know which of the channels is their favorite.

Do rats watch tv? Rats do you watch TV. You will see them lying beside you watching day TV together with you. They enjoy the light flash and the sound coming from the TV.

They don’t don’t always concentrate on the content of the TV program. But they maintain focus on the moving image and sound coming from the TV.

How do rats react when you turn on TV?

The reaction depends on the type of rat you have when you’re on Tv. Your rat might show great enthusiasm whenever you turn on TV. 

They might even disturb you to turn on the TV, which they enjoy watching regularly. 

Photo by Choco Virat

Rats can be very persistent and they are going to show all different kind of thanks room whenever they want YouTube on the TV

There are some rats that will act indifferent when you turn on TV. 

They will not care about what you are watching and they are going to focus on something else as a result. 

Do rats have a favorite TV channel?

We all have our favorite TV channel we watch regularly. If other channels are not working, we are still going to feel ok if our favorite is still showing on the TV.

The senior citizens are fond of watching news channels and they don’t care much about orders. 

The ladies and women in general like reality TV channels as well as cooking channels and makeup TV. 

These channels suit their lifestyle and they can’t always be tired of watching them. 

I like to watch TV series and the rats are fond of laying beside each other to watch the series together. 

But one thing I notice is that they are more happy when they are watching cartoon channels. 

They feel animated whenever they are watching those little creatures on the TV moving around. 

The rats tend to dump some of the treats, like pineapple, bread, ice cream etc we served them for the TV. 

The ratties to concentrate more when they are watching cartoons consist of animal characters.

Do rats like watching movies?

One thing I can say is that the rats don’t usually differentiate with whatever you are watching on the TV.

So it can be very hard to tell if they really like watching movies on the TV. 

But one thing is that you are going to see them lying beside you if they are interested.

The rats seem to be more moved with the action-packed movie sound coming out. They show different kinds of emotion when the sound comes out of the TV.

Do rats like watching soccer matches?

Soccer matches are quite different from any other TV programs. They are more entertaining to the male folks including me.

The question is do rats enjoy watching soccer matches? Well I will say not really. 

One thing I noticed is that, whenever the TV is on there are going to lay down beside us watching the soccer match. 

But over time some of them seem to sleep off especially when much sound is not coming from the TV and the objects are very tiny. 

Do rats like watching news channels?

I have a specific time I watch news at home. Most of the time it is usually late at night. During this time most of the rats would have gone to sleep.

News channels seem boring to the rats so they prefer to watch or do some other things when the TV is switched to a news channel.

Do rats watch video games?

The kids over here are fond of watching and playing video games. The rat likes to stay closer to them and watch what they are doing.

Video games appear strange to the rats as it involves the use of consoles. Sometimes the rats will also want to press the console and drag it with the kids. 

They might bite their finger just to have a feel of the console. The kids managed to have a way around through this. 

They simply give the unused console for the rat to engage with whenever they are playing video games at home. 

How often do rats watch TVs?

The frequency at which the rats watch the TV varies. At times, all the rats we have at home will concentrate on the TV and watch it together with us.

The rats seem to follow our emotions when we are watching TV. The male rats are fond of doing something else after watching the TV for a while. 

The female counterpart seems to be more emotional towards whatever we are watching and they always remain quiet most of the time. 

Do rats understand what is being said on TV?

No way rats will understand what is being said on TV. They can only catch some words which you have been training them with in the past.

You don’t really care about the content of the TV program they are watching, all they want is the sound and the image coming out from the TV.

Can rats operate TV and change channels?

Rats cannot operate TV on their own. They can only play with the controller. 

Sometimes they might gnaw on the controller just to have a feel of the button on the controller.

However, when they are playing with the controller, the rights might accidentally press on the button to change the channel.


Rats do watch TVs. The rats like the sound and The moving Images on the TV screen. Some rats lay down quietly whenever the TV is on. Rat seems to be more interested in cartoons with animated characters and video games.