Do Goats Eat Snails?

Snails can be found at very cool places around in the garden. Snails can delight to watch with their slow movement.

If you have snails in your garden, you might be wondering if you can pick the snails and serve them to the goats as treats.

In this blog post, you are going to discover if it is good to serve snails to the goats or not. 

You will also learn necessary steps you should take if you discover that your goats eat snails in the garden.

Can goats eat snails? Goats can not eat snails. Goats do not feed on flesh, so snails might be hard to consume for the goats. Snails might pose a great danger to goats if they consume small creatures.

What will happen if goats eat snails?

Snails might cause stomach disorders in goats if they manage to eat the small creatures. 

Snails harbor some parasites in them which mail enter manifest when they find their way into the stomach of the goats. 

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You may not notice anything with the goat until a severe damage has been done in the body system of the goat when they consume slug. 

A curious mind will want to know what would happen if goats managed to eat snails. I had the same thought when I came across snails in the garden. 

You should know that goats feed majorly on vegetation and they are not carnivorous in nature. 

It might be a bit difficult for them to try out this news whenever you introduce it to them no matter how small the snails are. 

Do goats eat slugs?

Goats do not eat slug. Goats may likely ignore the slugs whenever they come across it while they are browsing around the garden for posture.

Come to think of it, imagine a goat trying out a slug, it might be difficult for the goat to swallow the creature due to the shell on them. 

Can goats eat fish?

Goats cannot eat raw fish unless it has been processed and mixed with other treats before serving them.

I got to know about this when our goats ate leftover fish pie bought from the store. 

I discuss with other goat owners around me that most advise against serving fish and other seafood to the goats.

Is snail shell good for goats?

When pets show calcium deficiency symptoms, people are often advised to get shells of different kinds and ground into powder form. 

Mix the powder with the feed you serve your pet in order to boost the calcium level in the treat you are serving the pet.

If you are someone who knows about this, you might want to know if snail shells are good for the goats or not.

I need to be very honest with you, I have never served something like this to my goat. Therefore I will never advise you to do the same thing for your pet. 

You can look for calcium supplements and mix them with the feed of the goats in order to boost the strength of their skeletal systems.

What can I do if my goats try out snails?

The best thing is to activate probios for your goats if they discover that they are eating a slug in the garden.

You might as well prepare a charcoal for them and watch how they are going to respond to it. Better still you can book an appointment with a vet for correct treatment.

Other treats you can serve the goats

These are some of other healthy treat you can serve your goat instead of giving them snails or slugs


Goats are capable of eating both banana fruit as well as the peels on them. Banana is a good source of fiber for the goat. 


Apples are another healthy treat you can serve your goat. Apples are a good source of fiber as well. You can take off the rind on the apples before you serve it to the goat.


Cabbage is one of the healthy vegetables you can serve your booty if you have them within your surrounding area. Cabbage provides a goat with vitamin C which acts as an antioxidant in their body systems.


Carrots are good for the Goat as a treat. going to derive vitamin A from eating carrots as a treat which herbs to boost their ability to see in a place where there is low light.


Bread is also good for the goat. It provides them with energy. If you have some leftover bread you can serve it to the goat as a treat. Just ensure that the bread does not have mold on them.

Animal cracker

An animal cracker is one of the treats you can serve your goat. There are various animal crackers being sold on Amazon stores. This is one of the top rated crackers you can buy for your goats. 

Treats you should not serve the goats

The following are some of the traits you should not serve the goats due to the toxic substance present in them. 


You should never serve avocados to the goat. Most avocados contain toxic substances that can cause stomach disorders in goats. 

Green Beans

You should never make items to serve green beans to the goat. Any leftovers that contain green beans should go straight to the bins. 

Moldy Food

It is good to serve some leftovers to the goat as a treat. But you should never make an attempt to serve any moldy food to your pet if you truly care about them and their well-being. 


Goats cannot eat snails. You should never make an attempt to serve snails to goats as they are not carnivores in nature. Goats can experience stomach upset if they manage to eat a slug or snail in the garden.