Do Goats Eat Sagebrush?

Sagebrush plants are commonly found at the mountain slope area.

If you have sagebrush within your surrounding area, you might be wondering if you can serve sagebrush for the goat.

In this blog post, you are going to discover if it is good to serve sagebrush for the goat as a treat. 

Can goats eat sagebrush? Goats can eat Sagebrush. Goats will nibble sagebrush when they are browsing around for pasture. Sagebrush provides the goats with antioxidants. 

Is sagebrush safe for goats?

Sagebrush is safe for goats. A report indicates that sagebrush contains antioxidants which are beneficial for the goats. 

It is only the black sagebrush which contains substantial toxic substances in them. And you should guide your goats and livestock against them when they are browsing around.

Photo by Jeswin Thomas

It is very important to always do research on the new treats you want to serve the goats. 

You should never attempt to serve goats out of ignorance. You can easily harm your goats in these ways. 

Do not feed the goats anything until you know about the nutritional value as well as the toxic present in them. This will guide you either go feed the goat with the treat or not. 

There are some goat owners out there who don’t care about the treats they give to the goats. They serve every leftover available for the goats. 

Goats that are treated under this condition usually suffer from stunted growth and host of others. 

How do I introduce sagebrush to my goats?

There is nothing special about introducing sagebrush to the goat. You simply allow the goats to browse around the immediate environment. 

They are going to eat sagebrush suitable for their body systems if they find it palatable. 

Otherwise, they are going to ignore it completely anytime they come across it while browsing around.

How often do I feed my goats with sagebrush?

Sagebrush is not something you can serve the goats regularly. 

Unlike cabbage, lettuce, broccoli etc sagebrush is not something you pluck and put into the figures for the goat. 

One thing you should know about the goats is that they have internal guidance which controls the amount of the treats they are going to eat while they are browsing around.

Depending on their interest, goats are going to eat enough of the sagebrush they are willing to eat while they are browsing around. 

Can sagebrush cause bloating in goats?

Sagebrush, or any other things can cause bloating, in the goat if they overfeed on it.

When the goat eats a certain treat in excess, the rumen of the goat releases a series of chemicals that will break down the treats. 

Overtime, this chemical substance will create a series of reactions in the digestive system of the goats and it will lead to bloating. 

Can baby goats eat sagebrush?

It is not advisable to serve sagebrush for the baby goat. Majority of the feed you are going to serve baby goats must contain enough protein. 

Protein is the major nutrient they need most in order to develop properly. They also need calcium to maintain strong bone structure in the body.

Other treats you can serve the goats

The following are some other healthy treats which you can serve the goat.


Lettuce is one of the healthy treats which you can serve the goats. You can serve lettuce alone or together with other vegetables for goats. Lettuce provides the goat with vitamins and minerals.


Mango is one of the treats which you can also serve the goats. You need to first take off the skin and cut mango into pieces for the goat. However, mango should be served in moderation for the goat.


Goats are capable of eating both fresh and dried corn. You should only serve the dry corn for the adult goats. Corn is a good source of heat for the goat in the winter. 


Potatoes are another healthy treat which you can serve the goats. You can as well serve sweet potatoes for the goat but it should be in moderation. Potatoes are a good source of fiber for the goat.


Pumpkin is also good for the goat as a treat. Pumpkin also provides the goat with essential vitamins and minerals. You need to break the pumpkins into pieces and take away the seed before you serve the goat. 


Goats can eat bread. If you have some leftover bread, you can start them for the goat as a treat. Just make sure that the bread you are serving them is still fresh and you should never give them the moldy ones. 

Treats that are poisonous for the goats


You should never have candy for the goat. Candy contains a lot of sugar. It can cause a tummy upset if goats consume candy.

Green beans

Green beans contain a toxic substance and he never saw them for the goat. The same thing goes for the raw beans as they contain lectin which is poisonous to goats.

Moldy food

Modi food contains bacteria and fungus. Instead of serving moldy food for the goat, it is good to toss them into the waste bin.


Goats can eat sagebrush. Goats are going to munch on sagebrush when they are browsing around. You should never allow your good to browse closer to the Black sagebrush as they are poisonous for the goat.