Do Goats Eat Dog Poop?

It is obvious that goats are capable of eating most things.

If it happens that you see a scanting dog poop in the pens, and you also have a goat as a pet, you might be wondering if the goats have eaten the poop.

In this blog post, you are going to discover if goats can actually eat dog poop or not.You will also learn what to do when you see dog poop in the pens.

Do goats eat dog poop? Goats cannot eat dog poop, it is dangerous for their body systems. Goats may develop stomach disorders and running poop if they eat dog poop. 

The dogs may poop in the pens if they go there to play with the goats. So when you discover that there is dog poop in the pens, you should pack it off immediately.

Is dog poop safe for goats?

Dog poop is not safe for the goats and other pets you have in the yard. Lots of things can happen if you have dog poop in the pens. 

The pens can be messy and spoofed whenever water mixes up with the dog poop. Dog poop can also mix with the feed you serve for the goat when it is spilled on the floor of the pens. 

Photo by Los Muertos Crew

It is up to you as a goat owner to always take good care of the pens and get rid of anything that can affect the health of a goat in the pens.

Some goats are allergic to dust, so you should avoid serving them feed that can bring about dust in them when you are pouring it into the feeders for the goat.

Do goats eat their own poop?

It is true that goats are capable of eating most things and do nasty things. But it is not possible for the goats to eat their own poop. 

Naturally the goats are not going to eat any food that is placed closer to their poop. 

I got to know about this from a neighbour who has a beautiful garden full of different plants and vegetables.

He always experienced goat invasion in his garden, and they usually finished up all the vegetables and plants in the garden.

He came up with a technique that prevents the goat from eating anything in the garden and I was so surprised by the it.

He gathered goat poops from the pens within the neighborhood and sprinkled them round the garden.

Anytime the goats invade his garden to feast on some of the vegetables he has there, they are going to back off if they perceive the order of the poop around the vegetables. 

Can goats eat chicken poop?

Goats cannot eat chicken poop both fresh and dried ones. The chicken poop should not be mixed together with the feed you are going to serve day goats. 

Chickens are fond of pooping around whenever they are only free grazing. If they have the opportunity to move around the goat feeders, they might poo into the feeders.

You might not notice it when it has dried and mixed with some of the medicated feed you serve the goat.

There are some chicken poops that looks exactly like the feed which you can serve the goat, this can make it pretty much difficult for you to detect on time. 

If you’re having both chickens and goats in the yard. Make sure you place their feeders separately to avoid mix up. 

Will goats eat feed mixed with poop?

There is no way the goats are going to eat feed mixed with poop from any of the pet you have in the yard. 

Once the goat perceives the odor of poop on the feed you serve them in the feeder, they are going to avoid it and look for something else to eat. 

Poop from goats and other pets can mix up with the feed if you are not taking proper care of the pens. 

You must get rid of pet poops from the pens in the yard generally in order to maintain proper hygiene in the vicinity of the pets.

Regular evacuation of poops from the pens will prevent dirt and poop from mixing up with the feeds you serve the pets in the yard. 

Treats you can serve the goats

The following are some of the healthy treats which you can serve the goats. 


Carrot is one of the healthy treats you can serve the goat as a treat. Carrots are a good source of vitamin A for the goat. You can serve carrots alone or together with some other vegetables you serve the goats. 


Lettuce is one of the healthy vegetables which you can serve the goat as a treat. Lettuce is a good source of antioxidants for the goats. You can help the goats to slice the lettuce into smaller pieces to make it easier for them to eat.


Cabbage is another healthy treat which you can serve the goat as a treat. You can also slice the cabbage into smaller pieces or you serve it as a case to the courts and they are going to eat it either way.


Goats can also eat oranges. There are some of them that are going to eat the peel of the Orange. Orange also offers vitamins and minerals for the goats. You can help them to remove the sink of your oranges before you serve it to them


Goats cannot eat dog poop because it is not safe for their body systems. Make sure you maintain proper hygiene of the pens so as to avoid different poop and other dirt from mixing with the feed and treats served to the goats.