Do Ducks Eat Bees?

Are you planning to have a beehive at the yard and you are wondering if ducks are going to eat the bees? 

In this blog post, you are going to discover if ducks can actually eat bees and things you need to do when you are planning to construct a beehive at the yard where you have ducks. 

Do ducks eat bees? Ducks can bees. An active duck will chase a bee within reach. Ducks can also eat deed bees as well as warps and other home insects. 

It is good to construct a fence that will prevent the ducks from having easy access to the bee when you want to construct a beehive in the yard. 

Are bees poisonous to ducks?

It is obvious that bees sting humans and it causes a lot of pain. You might be wondering if bees can be poisonous to the ducks if they consume them.

To be very honest with you, I have never seen any of my pet ducks eating bees. In order to be more certain about this I went online to do some research about this topic.

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A member of the backyard forum said his ducks usually eat bees whenever the insects land on water. 

Another member said that his ducks usually hide behind the beehive and try to catch some of the bees when they are coming out. 

This may not be good news for you if you are planning to station a beehive closer to the yard when you have pet ducks. 

Now that it is clear to you that ducks can eat bees. It is important to put up extra measures to prevent the ducks from going near the beehive so that they will not decrease the population of the bees. 

Will ducks eat dead bees?

Dogs can eat dead bees. If you manage to exterminate some bees within your surrounding area, you can simply pack and serve them to the ducks and chicken as a treat.

But you should be very cautious if it happens that you make use of insecticide to exterminate the bees and other insects.

This can actually affect the duck when they consume all the dead bees you serve them as a treat.

Do ducks eat yellow jackets?

Ducks can eat yellow jackets if they manage to catch one when they make a chase. 

Yellow jacket can terrorize the whole yard and prevent you from going closer to some of the fruits you eat in the yard. Ducks are one of the natural ways of controlling yellow jackets in the yard.

A member of the backyard forum gave an account that his yard is full of yellow jackets. But the entire population of the yellowjackets reduced drastically when he got himself to ducks. 

Another member stated that his ducks usually dig the yellow jacket hive and consume every insect there. He stated that the feathers of the ducks protect them from yellow jacket stings.

Can ducks get stung by bees?

Ducks usually get stung by the Bee in the mouth but not on the body part because of the feathers which protect their flesh body. 

It is a natural instinct of birds to chase after an insect. The same thing goes for ducks whenever they sight bees around the yard. 

They go after the bee with all efforts to catch it and they are going to consume it if they manage to get hold of the insect. 

Can ducks eat wasps?

Ducks can eat wasps but they will definitely get stinged in the mouth. Ducks don’t usually chase the insect except the one that comes their way.

You might look for other ways to get rid of the wasps in your yard instead of relying on ducks alone to consume them all. You can simply find a way to remove the wasps nest without getting sting as a result. 

Can ducks eat cockroaches?

Ducks can also eat cockroaches but it is not one of their favorites. If it happens that you exterminate a lot of cockroaches within the home you can pack them together and serve the chickens as they will be more than happy to consume such a delicious treat. 

Healthy treats you can serve the ducks 

These are some of the other treats you can serve the ducks. 


Lettuce is one of the healthy vegetables you can serve the ducks. You can serve it directly into the feeders or put them in the water. Lettuce is a good source of antioxidants for ducks. 


Apples are one of the fruits you can serve the ducks as a treat. Ducks are going to derive enough fiber and vitamins from eating apples. You just need to dice the Apple into smaller pieces and ducks the dogs.


Ducks can also eat bananas. Banana provides the ducks with vitamin E as well as fiber.  Ducks over here only eat the fruit in the banana and avoid the peels.


Watermelon can also be served as a treat for ducks. Ducks also manage to eat watermelon rind as well. You just need to cut the watermelon into sizable pieces for the ducks to enjoy. 

Toxic treats you should not serve ducks

It is very important to also know some of the toxic trait which you should not have the dogs and these include


Bread is toxic for the ducks. It can create a chain reaction in the stomachs of the ducks. They can manage to eat the bread but they will find it difficult to swallow.


Just like any other pets you have, avocados should not be served to the ducks because of the toxic substance present in all parts of the fruit.


You should never serve a treat that contains onions for the ducks. Onion can bring about diarrhea in ducks and this will cost you extra resources to treat.


Ducks can eat bees. Ducks try to make a chase whenever they see bees flying around at close range. Ducks can also eat the dead bees. Yellow jackets and wasps can make up a fight but ducks will eat them all.