Dairy Farms In Texas

Are you looking for dairy farms in Texas which are closer to your neighborhood? If your answer to the question is yes, you are at the right place. 

Dairy farms in Texas are known for producing quality dairy products at a fair price. Dairy farms in Texas generate about 16% of the entire milk producer in the United States.

I have compiled a list of dairy farms in Texas in various cities, you just have to go over them and select the one which is closer to your locality.

Texas Dairy Farms Listing

Frerichs Dairy Inc

Address: 3117 TX-159, La Grange, TX 78945, United States

Phone: +1 979-249-3012

Website: https://www.texasjersey.com/

Contact: barnyard@cvctx.com


Circle N Family Dairy

Address: 2074 Co Rd 446, Gainesville, TX 76240, United States

Phone: +1 940-372-0343

Website: https://www.circlendairy.com/

Contact: michelle@circlendairy.com


Image Source: Pixabay.com


Address: 8307 TX-105, Brenham, TX 77833, United States

Phone: +1 979-836-9249

Website: Nil

Contact: Nil


T & K Dairy

Address: 3300 County Rd 461, Snyder, TX 79549, United States

Phone: +1 325-573-7341

Website: https://www.dairydiscoveryzone.com/farmer/tk-dairy

Contact: Nil


Carrell Dairy Barn 

Address: 10502 County Rd 913, Godley, TX 76044, United States

Phone: +1 817-389-3551

Website: Nil

Contact: Nil


Adolfo Tapia Dairy

Address: 13153 N Klattenhoff Rd, Miles, TX 76861, United States

Phone: +1 325-468-4015

Website: Nil

Contact: Nil


Four E Dairy Inc

Address: 784 Co Rd 251, Moulton, TX 77975, United States

Phone: +1 361-798-6131

Website: +1 361-798-6131

Contact: Nil


Youngs Prairie Dairy

Address: 356 Youngs Prairie Rd, Elgin, TX 78621, United States

Phone: +1 512-304-5201

Website: https://sharpgoatranch.com/

Contact: impallari@gmail.com


Cotton Lane Dairy

Address: 19527 County Rd 3700, Petersburg, TX 79250, United States

Phone: +1 806-667-0096

Website: Nil

Contact: Nil


Knolle Dairy Farms Inc

Address: 973 Co Rd 360, Sandia, TX 78383, United States

Phone: +1 361-876-2274

Website: Nil

Contact: Nil


Goodgrass Farm LLC

Address: 9924 Bilnoski Rd, Willis, TX 77378, United States

Phone: +1 936-523-0743

Website: https://www.goodgrassfarmllc.com/

Contact: dairyman@goodgrassfarmllc.com


Brunner Dairy Farm

Address: 2544 Vzcr 4106, Canton, TX 75103, United States

Phone: +1 903-567-4853

Website: Nil

Contact: Nil


Dairy Farmers of America

Address: 801 James Ave, Schulenburg, Texas 78956, United States

Phone: +1 979-743-4161

Website: https://www.dfamilk.com/

Contact: Nil


Natural Prairie Dairy Farms

Address: 10250 US-385, Channing, TX 79018, United States

Phone: +1 806-365-4189

Website: https://naturalprairiedairy.com/

Contact: Nil


Stryk Jersey Farm

Address: 629 Krenek Stryk Rd, Schulenburg, Texas 78956, United States

Phone: +1 979-561-8468

Website: https://texascheese.com/

Contact: bobstryk@cvctx.com



Address: FM392, Chillicothe, TX 79225, United States

Phone: +1 940-839-4652

Website: Nil

Contact: Nil


Larry A Meurer Dairy

Address: 443 Zihlman Rd, Windthorst, TX 76389, United States.

Phone: +1 940-423-6960

Website: Nil

Contact: Nil


Daisy Farms

Address: 4482 TX-24, Paris, TX 75462, United States. 

Phone: +1 903-783-1923

Website: https://daisyfarms.com/

Contact: info@daisyfarms.com

How To Select A Good Dairy Farm

I Believe by reading up to this point, you might have seen a dairy farm which is closer to your neighborhood.

Before you can go ahead and buy something from the dairy farm, I want to share with you some tips you need to follow before you can select a dairy farm. 

Read reviews

You need to know what is the experience of other people who have visited the dairy farm you want to choose. 

You can read the review of the selected dairy farm on Google map. Try to read both the good reviews as well as the bad ones in order to know what you expected when you visit the farm. 

Visit the farm

The next thing is to visit the farm so as to see and experience how things are done. You need to do this in order to verify some of the reviews you read about the dairy farm online. 

You can simply book an appointment with the dairy farm. I include the phone number of each of the dairy farms which you can use to contact them and book an appointment.

System of operation

While you are on the farm observing different things, you need to check out their system of operation on the farm. 

You must determine if they are still using old ways of running dairy farms. you need to check how the animals are being fed on the farm. 

Check for neatness

Neatness is very important in the production of dairy products. This is one of the things you need to check out for when you visit the farm. 

You can vividly see these among the workers on the farm and the animals so you need to keep your eyes on both. 

Product arrangement

How they arrange different dairy products will tell a lot about the farm you visit. It will tell you how organized they are on the farm. you are going to discover if they always pay attention to the details on the farm.