Chicken With Dislocated Leg

Lot of things can happen to the chickens when they go on free range. They can develop dislocated legs or any other injuries. 

If you are looking for information on what to do when your chicken has a dislocated leg, then you are at the right place. 

You are going to discover some of the best things you can do to correct the dislocated legs on your chickens.

What causes dislocated legs in chickens?

There are so many ways in which chickens and chicks can develop dislocated legs. 

This will give you the opportunity to prevent such things from occurring in the nearest future.


Your chickens will develop dislocated legs when they force themselves through a tiny space. This can happen when they are trying to go to the other side to have free range. 

There was a chicken over here wanting to explore the outside of the yard. She keeps looking for different ways to get onto the outside of the yard. 

Over time, she discovered a tiny hole and forced herself to get onto the outside. 

She has to bend her leg backward and lean forward just to have a chance to pass through the tiny hole to get outside. 

Chickens will also develop a dislocated leg when they jump from high end and land on the wrong leg. 

This will happen to chickens that are fond of scaling through the fence to the other side. 

There was a time when our chickens and her babies were running all over the place. They got to a point which is high to the ground floor. 

It is only the mother capable of jumping without getting injured. Those little chicks that try to jump from the high place end up developing a dislocated leg.

Chickens can also develop dislocated legs through an accident. An incident occured in the yard in which heavy metal fell on chickens leg and caused dislocation. 

Signs Of Dislocation In Chickens

It is very vital to always keep eyes on the chickens in order to dictate anything that goes wrong with them earlier. 

This will give you the opportunity to arrest the case right from the early stage. 

The chickens will limb on the dislocated legs, this sign is very obvious unless you don’t keep eye on your chickens. 

If you notice that your chicken is squatting on the floor often, it’s an indication that she experiences dislocation on the legs. 

There would be high temperature on the spot which is an indication of force reaction on the leg. 

Loss of appetite might be another pointer to the fact the chickens are having problems on her legs. 

Chickens with dislocated legs will not lay eggs. So you should know about this too.

What do you do for a chicken with an injured leg?

You might be worried when you discover that your chicken is on a weak limp, especially when you are a new owner.

The first thing you are going to do is isolate the chickens in the cage. Try to take the chicken away from the rest and allow her to be on our own in the cage.

Ensure you provide enough feed and water for the chicken in the cage. You should add vitamin B to their diets in order to speed up the healing process.

If you notice that there are no changes on the legs after two or three days, you can try to manipulate the leg to the right position. 

Make use of splints or vet wrap slings and wrap it around the affected leg with less pressure. This will make it easier for the chickens to raise the limp.

If you think you can’t do this on your own you can book a visit with the Vet near you.

Once you have done all of these, give it time the legs will heal on their own.

You can simply cull the chickens if all the methods you applied seem not to work.  

How do you splint a dislocated chicken leg? 

You need to get yourself with a splint and medical sling. You also need to get a light stick ready to support the leg while you are wrapping splint. 

It’ll be good to have someone to help you hold the chicken while you are wrapping the leg with splint. 

Lay the chicken on the opposite side and start wrapping the splint round the leg. You should be gentle on the spot and avoid applying pressure.

After you have done with the initial wrapping, you place the light stick on the spot and wrap for the second time. 

Will Chickens’ broken legs heal on their own?

A broken or a dislocated chicken leg can heal on his own if the injury is mild. This usually takes a day or two before the chicken to start working normally again.

There was a time my chicken was experiencing a broken leg due to an accident. I wasn’t around and I was unable to take notice of this.

The leg later healed on its own without doing anything for the chicken. It’ll be very good to help them in some ways to avoid permanent dislocation.

How long does a broken chicken leg take to heal?

The duration it takes a broken chicken leg to heal depends on the degree of the dislocation. Sometimes it takes up to 2 days or a week before a broken or dislocated chicken leg to heal. 

Can a hen survive with one leg?

It is possible for chicken to survive on one leg. The only thing is that the movement from one place to another would be difficult for the chickens. 

I have a chicken which has cotton wrapped around one of the legs. The cotton hit deeply into the leg and eventually cut it off. 

The chicken does not die as a result but works on one limb. The chicken hop like a kangaroo whenever she wants to move fast and competes with other chickens in the yard. 

Is it safe to eat a broken chicken leg?

There is nothing bad in eating a broken chicken leg if it happens that you cull it out of the rest. You just have to ensure that the chicken is not suffering from any disease before you cull it. 


Dislocated leg causes distress for chickens when they are moving about. Therefore it is very important to rise up to the matter whenever your chickens are having a dislocated leg. You can easily manipulate the affected leg to get it back to the right place.