Can Rats Play With Tennis Balls?

Rats are very busy and they like to do so many things. 

If you are a tennis ball at home, you might be wondering if you can give the ball to the rats to play with as a toy.

In this blog post, you are going to discover if you can give tennis balls for rats to play with as well as other balls. 

Can rats play with tennis balls? You can allow your pet rat to play with a tennis ball. Rats can not chew the fiber on Tennis ball and it’s not too big for pet rats. 

Are balls good for rats?

Balls are good for rats to play with as a toy. Just make sure that the ball you are going to give the rat is not too big or heavy.

Photo by Bogdan Glisik

It might be difficult for the rat to push a heavy ball around. When this happens, they will get bored and look for something else to do.

The rats like to push the ball around and use their mouths to carry it from one place to another. 

The rats like to run after a ball when it is rolling around. They make an attempt to climb the ball as a way of playing with it.  

They enjoy making several futile attempts on the ball but they enjoy the fun that comes with it. 

If you have a small ball, you can allow the pet rat to play with it. You don’t have to hesitate if the rats are going to get injured playing with the ball. 

Do rats get bored?

Rats can easily get bored. This happens when they have been engaging in the same activities for a while. 

You are going to notice this when they are less agile. You might see them sitting in one place and engaging in less tasks. 

When some rats have nothing else to do or play with, they will think of something else they can do. 

This is when you see your rats taking on different material with the house to see if they can play with them. 

Some engage in shredding paper material within the home. Rats over here sometimes take on a plastic cup and run around with it. 

Toilet rolls are not left of the actions. I engage them with homemade toys to keep them busy and to prevent them from destroying things within the home. 

Can rats play with soccer balls?

Rats cannot play with a soccer ball because it is too big for them to roll around within the home. 

A typical soccer ball has a diameter of 8.66 inches. This is too wide for the mouth of the rat to accommodate. When rats are playing with any material, they like to exhibit their chewing skill.

And if you look at it very, most of the soccer balls are made of leather material. This can be very difficult for the rat to chew on tough leather materials.  

Can rats play with basketball balls?

Basketball is not in any way good for the rats to play with. Basketball is bigger than something a rat can push around. They cannot hold the ball with their mouths. 

Basketball is bigger than a soccer ball, it has a circumference of 9.51 inches. There is no way the rats are play with the ball using their mouth

The ball is made of fiber with a rubber bladder on the inside. These materials are not easy to chew for the rats.

Can rats play with golf balls?

You if don’t want your pet rats to get injured, you should never allow them to play with a golf ball.

Golf balls are made of metal materials and they are heavy. It has a capacity to bounce high up when it throws from a high position. 

Assuming you have two or more rats at home, one of them plays with the ball on the high up and rolls it down, the golf ball can injure the remaining rats at the lower place in the house. 

There is no point in buying a toy that can injure the rats. If you are thinking of ball toys, there are so many to choose from. However, golf balls should not be an option. 

Can rats play with snookers calls?

Snooker balls are good for the rats to play with in any case. It’s also heavy and very slippery. Rats cannot handle the ball with their mouth. The ball cannot bring creativity out of the rats. 

Can I give my rat toilet paper?

You can still provide the rat with a toilet paper roll to play with pending the time you’re going to get them the right toy. 

Toilet paper rolls are easy for rats to push around and run with. You can still manage to pull it with their mouth. 

It brings out creativity in the pet rats as they can run through special within the roll. The only downside to this is that rats can chew and shred it into prices to litter all over the place. 

Can rats play with ping pong balls?

You can also provide your pet rats with a ping pong ball if you have one at home. 

Ping pong balls are suitable for the rats because they are light and easy to push around for them. 

It comes with an average side in which they carry around with their mouths. In fact, I prefer ping pong balls because they are easy to replace. 


Rats can play with tennis balls. Tennis balls are easy to push around for the rats. You can run with the ball and never get injured as a result. Rats can also use their mouth to play around with the ball as its diameter is not wide.