Can Rats Have Cheez Its?

Cheez-its are one of those snacks we consume for refreshment. 

If you’re having a lot of Cheez-its, you might be wondering if you can serve some for the pet rat as a treat.

In this blog post, you are going to discover if it is safe to serve Cheez-its for the pet rat as a treat. 

Can rats eat Cheez-Its? Rats can eat Cheez-its. You can serve Cheez-its for the rats once in a while as a treat. Always ensure that you serve Cheez-its for the rats in moderation. 

Are cheez-It safe for the rat?

Safety is one of the things you should check out for whenever you want to introduce a new treat to the pet rat. 

In this case, Cheez-its are safe for the pet rats. But you should avoid serving the snack for the pet rat regularly in order to be on the safe side. 

Photo by Martinus

You know that pet rats have delicate body systems, so it is very important to serve snacks for them in moderation.

Therefore, it is very essential to always research about the new treat you want to introduce to the pet rat. 

Be very sure that the snack or treat does not contain any toxic substance which can affect the health of the pet rats.

I need to be very honest with you, I have never fed Cheez-its to pet rats in the past.

I did research about feeding this snack for the pet rats. I discovered that other rat owners feed Cheez-its to the rats but not often. 

A member of the rat forum said that his boys love Cheez-its and they always look out for more whenever he serves them. 

How much Cheez-its can rats eat?

I can’t give you the exact amount of Cheez-its you should serve the pet rats but I will say not much. 

You should always make sure that you serve all the treats for the pet rats in moderation. You can serve them one or two pieces of the Cheez-its for the pet rats to enjoy.

How can I introduce Cheez Its to the pet rats?

If it happens that your rats have been eating cookies, biscuits and some other snacks in the past, you shouldn’t have any trouble introducing Cheez-its to them.

You can give them one or two pieces and watch how they are going to react towards the new snack you serve them. 

Be rest assured that they are going to finish everything you serve if they find it palatable. You might have one of your pet rats ignoring the Cheez-its and that shouldn’t be a problem. 

You can start eating the snack in their present and they will come over you just to have a taste. 

Wait a little bit longer before you serve the snack while you are still eating. This will increase their appetite towards the Cheez-its and they are going to finish it anytime when you serve it.

Can I serve Cheez Its for the rat everyday?

It is a bad practice to attempt a treat for the pet rat on a daily basis. You are risking giving your pet rat brain tumor when you allow them to eat snacks regularly. 

It is not good to turn your pet rat into a garbage cleaner and serve them any snacks always. 

The best thing is to serve Cheez-its for the rat about one time in a week and there should be a weekly interval. 

Can Cheez Its make rat poop?

Too much of every treat serves for the pet that will have a negative effect on their body systems. The negative effects can be consistent foul poop, sluggishness, seizure brain tumor and instant death. No rat owners we want any of these for their pets

Can baby rats eat Cheez-Its?

I am not going to advise you to start serving Cheez-its for the baby rats when they are still very young. In fact, snacks should not be part of the things you are going to serve them as their early stage of life. 

Make sure that the feed you are going to serve the baby rats contains all the essential nutrients needed by the baby rats to grow and develop. 

Other treats you can serve the pet rat


Bread is one of the healthy treats you can serve the pet rat. It is important to serve bread for the pet rat as a treat in moderation so that they are not going to choke on it. Ensure that the bread you are going to serve the pet rats is fresh. 


Apples are also good for the pet rat. Apples are a good source of vitamins, especially vitamin A for the pet rat. Try to cut the Apple into smaller pieces after taking off their skin before you charge them for the pet rat.


If you are preparing a chicken nugget for the family make sure you prepare the one you’re going to serve the pet rat as a treat. Chickens are one of the healthy meats for the pet rats.


It is good to serve fish for the pet rats as a treat. So if you have tuna as a leftover you can serve them to the pet rat. Tuna will provide Omega-3 fatty acid for the pet rat. You should always serve them freshly prepared tuna for the pet rat.


If you have cheese at home you can solve them for the pet rat as a treat. Try to cut the cheese into smaller pieces before you serve them for the pet rats. You can serve cheese together with other treats for the pet rat. 


Corn can also be served for the pet rat as a treat. Rats are capable of eating boiled corn as well as the roasted type. Just make sure that the corn you are going to serve your pet rat is not too dry to make it easier for them to eat.


Pet rats can eat Cheez-its when you serve them the snacks. You should serve Cheez-its for the rats once in a while for safety. Let the Cheez-its you are going to serve the pet rats be in moderation, a piece of two is good for an adult rat as treat.