Can Rats Eat Walnuts?

Walnuts form part of dishes among some people. Walnuts are one of the recommended seed fruits for boosting fertility in men.

If you have someone not at your disposal, you might be wondering if you can save some for the pet rat as a treat.

In this blog post you are going to discover if it is safe to serve walnut for the pet rat as a treat. 

Rats can eat walnuts but it is good to serve them in moderation. Walnuts should be served once in a while for the rat due to the high percentage of fat in them. Walnuts are a good source of protein for a pet rat.

There is nothing to worry about if you are planning to serve walnuts for the rat as a treat. You just have to let it be in moderation.

Are walnuts safe for the rat?

Walnuts are one of the common nuts we have and they are safe for the pet rats. Walnuts are a good source of protein fiber and carbs. 

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However, it is advisable to serve walnuts for the pet rat once in a while as they contain a high percentage of unsaturated fat. 

These are the things you should know as a pet owner before you start serving any treats for the rat. 

It is your duty to know the essential nutrients contained in the nutrient you want to introduce to the pet rats. 

You must check out for the toxic substance that may present in the street as well. 

It will be easier for you to deduce the amount of the treat you should serve for the pet rat if it happens that the toxic substance in them is minimal. 

You will also know if you are to avoid serving the treaty completely for the pet rats due to the high percentage of toxic substances present in them. 

How can I introduce walnuts to the pet rats?

There are different ways to go about it if you want to introduce walnuts to the pet rat as a treat. 

You can wait until the rats are hungry and start consuming the walnuts in their present after you have prepared them.

You move closer to them and start cracking the shell of the walnuts in the presence of the rats. 

Overtime they are going to notice that you are eating something and you seem to enjoy it.

They will move closer to you in order to have a taste of what you are eating. The rats are going to do things to call for your attention.

They are going to move over you if you refuse to look at their side. The rat mite bite your finger if care is not taken.

So you give them a little of the Walnut you are eating for them to have a taste. They will have no other choice than to eat everything he says they are hungry for.

They might look out for more if they found the Walnut palatable. 

Can I serve walnuts for the rat everyday?

There is no point in serving walnuts for the pet rat every day even if you have them in abundance at your disposal.

Even if the main feed you serve the pet rat has been exhausted, Walnuts should not be part of the treats you are going to serve them on a daily basis.

Walnut has a lot of fat and protein in them and pet rats do not need this nutrient in excess in their body system.

Are walnuts good for male rats?

I don’t have male rats. The only thing I can say is that you should serve walnuts for male pet rats in moderation.

Better still you should not serve the Walnuts for the male rats if they are being prepared with the use of salt.

Can baby rats eat walnuts?

I will not advise you to serve walnuts for the baby right except when they are 8 weeks old and above.

They need medicated feed that will provide them all the essential nutrients in the right proportions so that they will be able to grow properly.

However, if the baby rats are showing interest you can start them in a small amount that will not be enough to satisfy them.

Other treats you can serve the pet rat

The following are some of the healthy treats which we can serve our long way not for the pet rat as a treat. 


Chicken remains one of the healthiest meat you can serve the pet rat as a treat. Rats like to eat chicken meat all the time. Rats can also eat roasted chicken meat as well as the grilled one. 


You can also serve hamburgers for the pet rat as a treat but it should be in moderation. 

Rats usually dismantle a hamburger and eat all the fillings inside before the rest of the snacks. You can also serve them pizza. 


If you have some lettuce in your garden, you can harvest some and serve them for the rat.

Lettuce is a good source of vitamins and minerals for the pet rat. Prevent the rat from eating excessive lettuce so that they will not give out watery stools. 


Corn is one of those grains you can serve the pet rat as a treat. In fact, rats can also eat corn on the cob. Corn provides the rats with heat during the winter and it is a good source of carbs for the pets. 


Pineapple can also be served for the pet rat as a treat. Make sure you get rid of the skin and cut the pineapple into small cubes for the rats. You can serve pineapple with all the food for the route to make a special treat for them.


Some people believe that bananas are a favorite treat for monkeys alone. I am willing to tell you that you can also serve bananas for the pet rat as a treat as well. 

You need to take off the skin on bananas before you serve the inner fiber for the rats. Bananas also provide the rat with vitamins and minerals. 


You can also serve cooked beans for the pet rats as a treat. The cooking process would help get rid of all the toxic substances that are found in the raw beans. You can also serve bean sprouts for the rats but it should be in moderation. 


Rats can eat Walnuts. It is preferable to serve walnuts in moderation for the pet rat and it should be once in a while. Walnuts are a good source of protein, fiber and fat for the rat. Walnuts are best served cooked for the rats.