Can Rats Eat Turkey?

Turkey remains one of the most suitable meats for Thanksgiving service and other large family gatherings.

If you have a lot of turkey meat leftovers at home, you might be wondering if you can serve some for the rat as a treat.

In this blog post, you are going to discover if it is safe to serve turkey meat for the rats as a treat. you will also learn some of the healthy meat you can serve your rats. 

Rats can eat Turkey. You should serve Turkey for the pet rat in moderation and it must be cooked. You can also serve the turkey bones with some meat on them for the rat as a treat.

It can be a good idea to include a portion for the rats out of the turkey you prepare for Thanksgiving. you let them share the joy of the celebration

Is turkey safe for the rat?

Turkey meat is safe for the rat provided you serve it in moderation for them. 

You can serve some other treats like mashed potato cabbage, kale, lettuce and a host of other treats together with the turkey meat for the rats to make a special treat.

Photo by RODNAE

It is very certain that there will be some left over of turkey meat at the end of Thanksgiving celebrations. 

There is nothing bad if you can pack some of the turkey meat and keep it in the fridge. 

You only need to microwave the Turkey meat whenever you want to serve the rat.

Can rats eat turkey bones?

Turkey bone is good for the pet rats but it has to be cooked very well. 

The cooking process will make the bone soft and much easier for the rat to consume.

It is advisable to serve the turkey bones for the rat after you run them through a meat grinder to break them down into pieces which the rats can handle.

How can I introduce turkey to the pet rats?

You should not encounter any problem if you want to introduce turkey meat for their rights provided you have been serving them different meats in the past.

You can serve the turkey meat directly for your pet rat as a treat. The rats will be more than ready to finish everything if the meat is well prepared.

You may not give them the turkey meat directly when you want to introduce it to them. You can include the meat in some of the treats you serve the rat.

I prefer to wait until they are hungry before I could introduce any meat to the pet rat.

You can do the same thing for your rat. Once you finish preparing the turkey meat, you serve yourself and start eating in the presence of the rat.

They are going to show interest whenever they discover that you are eating something delicious. 

They will come closer to you to have a taste but you should not give it to them at the first instance. 

You wait for a while in order to raise their appetite towards what you are about to introduce to him. 

After some time, you can then give them a little portion of the turkey meat but it must not be enough to satisfy them.

They will always look out for more after they are finished with the one you serve them.

Can I serve turkey for the rat everyday?

I will not advise you to serve turkey meat from the rat everyday. Remember that too much of everything becomes the opposite. 

It is good to have some other treats to serve the rats instead of giving them turkey meat everyday. 

Can turkey make rat poop?

I have never observed something like this but it is possible. The rats may likely experience bloating if they feed too much on the turkey meat. 

When this occurs, excessive and watering stool is one of the things that happens to the pet rat.

Can baby rats eat turkey?

If the baby rats are still less than 5 weeks-old it is good to serve the medicated feed that will make them grow properly instead of serving the turkey meat.

However, you can serve turkey meat for the baby rat once they are 10 weeks old and above.

But the amount you are going to serve must be minimal compared to the adult ratties. 

Other treats you can serve the pet rat

The following are some of the traits you can serve along with the turkey meat for the rats.


Apples are one of the fruits you can have along with the Turkey for the rats. Wash the Apple thoroughly before you suck them for the right to get rid of the herbicide on them. 

You need to take off the skin on the apples and the seeds before you serve them for the rats as a treat. 


Bananas are good for the rats.  Assuming the rat rejects the turkey meat you serve them. 

You can serve bananas for the rats if you have them at home. Banana is a good source of fiber and vitamins for the rats. 


You can train your rats to become a vegan by serving them vegetables a lot of time. 

Cabbage is one of the vegetables you can solve the rat as a treat. You can also serve cabbage along with the Turkey for the rats to make a good treat


Chickens make a good replacement if it happens that the rats reject the turkey meat you serve them as a treat. 

In fact, chicken is one of the healthiest meat you can serve the rat. Rats are fond of eating fried chicken.


Bread is one of the treats you can serve the rats. Bread should be served in moderation for the rats so that they are not going to choke on it. 

Rats are capable of eating all kinds of bread. They are going to eat dried bread as well


Hamburgers can be served for the pet rats as a treat. Whenever the rats have access to hamburgers, they try to eat all the fillings before they start to eat the other part of the snacks. 


Kale is another vegetable which you can serve the rat as a treat. Kale is a good source of antioxidants for the rat. You can serve kale together with other vegetables for the rat as a treat. 


Rats can eat turkey meat. You can also serve them with turkey bones but it must be thoroughly cooked to make it easier for the rats to consume. You can serve turkey meat alone all together with other treats for the racks