Can Rats Eat Jicama?

Jicama is also known as Mexican yam potato. Jicama goes with various dishes.

If you have jicama in abundance at home, you might be wondering if you can serve it as a treat for the pet rats. 

In this blog post, you are going to discover if it is to serve jicama to the pet rats as a treat. You will also learn if jicama is safe to consume for the rat.

Can rats eat jicama? Rats can have jicama. You can serve jicama in moderation for the pet rats. Jicama is a source of carbs and fiber for the pet rats.

Is jicama safe for pet rats?

This should always be the first thing that will come to your mind anytime you discover a new treat for the pet rats. 

So it is important to know if Jicama is safe or poisonous for the rats before you go ahead to serve it for them.

Photo by Татьяна Угрюмова

Jicama is safe for pet rats. Jicama does not contain any toxic substance that can cause any health issues for the rats.

Jicama looks similar to potatoes but it is sweeter, juicer and has more starch than the potatoes.

It is not a good idea to always throw new treats to the pet rat without carrying out some search about it. 

If you are not careful enough, you are likely to serve something poisonous to the pet rat out of ignorance.

Check if there is any toxic substance in the new treat which you discover for the rat. This will ensure either you should serve as a treat to the pet rats or not. 

You should always serve a treat that has no or little toxic substance in them. You will have the confidence to serve a new treat for the rat after you have done some search about it.

it is not a good practice to always serve anything for the pet rat and turn them into garbage cleaner.

Can rats eat raw jicama?

While the right are capable of having some pegs on the raw jicama, it is advisable to always cook the jicama before you sell them for the pet rat as a treat.

The cooking process will help to reduce the effect of any toxic substance that might be found in the jicama. 

How can I introduce jicama to the pet rats?

One of the ways in which you can introduce jicama to the rats is to serve it directly for them. If they find the jicama palatable, they will be enthusiastic about it and finish everything you serve them.

The rat might not be receptive to a new treat when they just finish eating something. You can wait until they are hungry and introduce the jicama to them. 

They are likely to finish everything when they don’t have anything else to eat as a result of hunger. 

Can I serve jicama for the pet rat everyday?

You should never embark on serving jicama for the pet rat everyday. 

If you do so, the rats are going to get tired of the jicama which you serve them everyday, and they may likely reject it next time you serve it for them. 

Serving jicama to The Rats once in a while gives rooms for other traits to be served for the pet rat. 

Can baby rats eat jicama?

You can only serve jicama for the pet rat that is 7 weeks old and above. And the amount you are going to serve them must be very minimal.  

The reason is that the rats are not going to experience tummy upset if it happens that the jicama does not land well in their body system. 

Health benefit of jicama for the pet rats

Jicama is a good source of vitamin for the pet rats. The camera provides the right with antioxidant which helps to strengthen the immune system of the pet rat. 

The vitamins and minerals found in jicama enhance the function of the brain and nerves of the pet rat.

Treats that are healthy for pet rats


Potatoes are one of the healthy treats which can serve the pet rats. Potatoes are a good source of fiber for the pet rats. Mashed potatoes can also be served for the pet rat. 


Rats like to eat apples. You only need to take off the skin and cut the apples into sizable pieces to make it easier for the pet rats to eat. Couples provide fiber for the rats. 


If you are thinking of vegetables which are healthy that you can serve the pet rat, lettuce should be the one you are going to serve them. Make sure you rinse the lettuce if you are buying from the store for the rat. 


Pet rats like to munch on biscuits if you give them some. The same thing goes for other snacks like sausage rolls, meat pies, crackers etc. 


Chickens are healthy for the pet rat. In fact, chickens are one of the healthiest meats which you can serve the pet rats as a treat. You can grill chickens very well before you solve for the pet rat. 


Cheese is one of the healthy treats which you can serve to the rats. You can also cut the cheese into smaller size and mix it with other snacks for the rat as a treat.


Kale is another vegetable which you can serve the pet rat as a treat. Kale is a good source of antioxidants in vitamin C which boost the immune system of the pet rat.

Poisonous treats for the pet rats

Apple seeds

Apple seeds are not good for the rat. the same thing goes for the seeds that are found in various fruits. They contain cyanide which is poisonous for the rat.


Candy should not be one of those things you are going to serve the pet rat as a treat. Candy is full of sugar and this can cause a tummy upset in the pet rats.

Moldy food

It is true that rats are capable of eating the most edible food humans eat. This does not mean that you should go on out and start serving every move the food in the kitchen for them as a treat.


Rats can have jicama. You can serve jicama for the pet rat as a treat. you can serve jicama alone or together with other treat like potatoes for the rats. Just make sure that you are serving jicama for the pet rat in moderation.