Can Rats Eat Ham?

Hams are made from pork meat. Hams are a great choice along with some dishes.

If you prepare a lot of ham at home, you might be wondering if you can save some for the pet rat as a treat.

In this blog post, you are going to discover if it is safe to serve ham for the pet rat as a treat.

Can rats eat ham? Rats can eat ham. You should serve ham for the pet rats once in a while due to the high salt content in them. 

Is ham safe for the rat?

Hams are safe for the pet rats provided you serve them in moderation due to the high salt content in them. 

It is good to serve ham for the pet rats once in a while. You can serve it along with some other treats in order to keep the effect of the salt content at minimal.

Photo by Nicolas Postiglioni

You can just go ahead and start serving anything for the pet rats if you really care for their well-being.

It should be known that the rat possesses delicate body systems. This makes them react quickly to any toxic substance they consume through what they eat.

I will implore you to always research about the new treaty which you discover for the pet rats. 

Try to know the nutritional values offered by the treat as well as the toxic substances which are present in them.

To be more certain, I went online and asked pet rat owners about feeding hams for the rats.

A member of The Rat Hack Forum said he usually fed or cooked meat for his pet rats including hams. He said the rats do not show any sign of sickness whenever they eat cooked yams.

A host of other members of the forum said the same thing. Some advice is that cooked hams are best served for her rat.

How can I introduce ham to the pet rats?

If you have been serving your pet rat with cooked meat like chickens, steak, beef etc in the past, introducing hams to them should not be difficult. They are going to accept the hand easily from you.

You can serve them the ham directly and they are going to finish everything you serve in the feeder.

Another interesting way to go about it is to wait until the rats are hungry and serve them the hams. 

You prepare the arm in such a way that each brings out a strong and attractive smell.

Once the ham is ready, you can serve yourself and start eating the meat in the presence of the rat.

The rats are going to have a long throat for what you are eating. They are going to make all kinds of gestures just to get your attention.

You can then serve them with ham and it should be in small quantities at first.

This will help to raise their appetite towards the treat and they will always look out for more. 

They will be more than happy to have some of the ham and they will finish everything you throw at them.

Can I serve ham for the rat everyday?

It is not advisable to serve ham for the pet rat everyday. Ham has lots of salt and protein in its content, and rat not do not need the nutrient on a daily basis.

Instead, it is good to have varieties of treats which you are going to serve the rat. This will prevent serving a particular feed or a treat for the rat everyday.

Is ham good for male rats?

Hams should be safe in moderation for the male rat due to the high salt content in them. 

You can serve hams alongside other treats for the male rat so that the effect of salt used in preparing the ham will not take a toll on the male rats. 

Can baby rats eat ham?

You can serve ham for the baby rats once they are 12 weeks old and above. At this stage, the baby rats would have developed a strong set of teeth two cut and chew the ham before they could digest it.

Other treats you can serve the pet rat

The following are some other treats you can serve the pet rat as a treat.


Beef is made from cattle and it offers a great taste. Rats are omnivorous in nature and they are capable of eating meat. So you can serve beef for the pet rat as a treat anytime you prepare one for the family.


If you want to serve healthy meat for the pet rat, chicken might be the best choice for you. Chickens do not offer much fat just like any other meat. You can also serve roasted chicken for the rat.

Boiled Egg

Boiled eggs are another treat you can serve the pet rat. You can serve boiled eggs together with vegetables like cabbage, lettuce, kale etc for the rats to make a special treat for them. 


You can also serve beans for the rat if you have some at home. Try to cook the beans in order to reduce the Lectin found in the grains. 


Cheese is one of those dairy products you can serve the pet rat. You need to serve cheese for the pet rat in moderation. Try to cut the cheese into smaller pieces for the rat. 


If you have some cranberries at home, you can give some to your pet rat as a treat. You can also serve them dried Cranberries and they are going to eat it. 


The rats over here like to eat potatoes. They always scramble for it anytime we serve them, especially the mashed potatoes. Potatoes are a good source of fiber for the rats. 


Rats can eat hams. Hams should be served for the pet rats once in a while due to the high amount of salt present in them. 

You can serve the ham with vegetables for the pet rats just to reduce the effect of salt on the ham. Hams need to be served in moderation for rats.