Can Rats Eat Grass?

Rats always exhibit their chewing instinct at any given opportunity.

If you are planning to take your pet rat on our side, you might be wondering if the rats are capable of eating the grass when they get outside.

In this blog post, you are going to discover if it is safe for the pet rats to eat grass and grass clippings on the outside.

Can rats eat grass? Rats can nibble on grass when they are outside. However, you should restrict the rat from eating grass. Grass hosts pests and can transfer disease to the rats. 

Is grass safe for the rats?

Rats can eat grass. The rats can nibble little grass when they have access to the outside. 

Rats usually show great joy when they have access to the outside. They try to run all over the place as they become agile.

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As a result of this, the rats will want to try out everything. They are going to munch on the grass, though with less interest. They will also eat the plants that are found among the grass.

But when this happens, it is up to you as a rat owner to prevent them from eating the grass. 

Another thing is that those grass on the outside might host some pests and diseases that are transferable to the rats. 

If it happens that you want to give access to your parents to go outside for the first time, it’ll be good to get them in lashes so as to control their movement when they get outside.

Can rats eat grass clippings?

It is always good to always take care of the lawn. As a result of this, it is always good to run a lawn mower on the landscape. 

This will help to keep the landscape clean and attractive. Some people usually park the grass clippings they serve them for the pet like goats. 

But can you serve grass clippings for the rat? Grass clippings should not be among those things you are going to serve the rats.

Can rats eat cat grass?

Cat grass is sometimes used to decorate the house. Some people usually grow cutting grass within the house and you can buy the seed from the store.

If you have cat grass at home, the rats might try them out and munch on them for a while though with little interest. 

But you should prevent the rats from eating the cat grass, perhaps at the place where they can have access to the grass. 

Can rats eat timothy grass?

Timothy grass is not suitable for the rat. It should not be one of those things you are going to serve the rats. 

If you have a lot of Timothy grass around, you can simply dry them up and turn them into hay. Then you serve it for goats or sheep if you have them in the yard. 

Can rats survive on grass alone?

Grass is not good for the rats so there is no way they are going to survive on it. If it happens that the main feed you serve the rat has finished, there are a host of other health treats which you can serve the pet rat instead of grass.

Other treats you can serve the pet rats


Apples are one of the healthy treats which you can serve rats. Apples are an excellent source of fiber for the rat. First get rid of the skin and slice the apples into smaller pieces for the rat.


If you want your rat to have a clear Vision to see in the dark, carrots are one of those healthy treats which you should serve your pets. The reason is that carrots are a good source of vitamin A for the rats and other pets. 


We all know that rats are omnivores, which means they are capable of eating plants and flesh. Rats can eat fish and you can serve it as a treat for them anytime you prepare some for the family.


Rats can also eat cooked chickens since they feed on flesh just like humans. next time you have some leftovers from the Thanksgiving service, you can suck them for the rats as a treat. 

Cooked beans

Raw beans can be poisonous for the rat. It is very important to cook them to reduce the effect of the poisonous substance present in the Beans before you serve the rat. 

Treats that are poisonous for the pet rat

Apple seeds

Apples are good for the right but not the seed inside them. The apple seeds contain signage which is poisonous for the rat and can lead to their death if they consume the seeds.

Chocolate bar

You should never allow the kids to feed the pet rats with chocolate bars. Chocolate contains a toxic substance that can cause tummy upset in pet rats. 


Candy is not good for the rat. The reason is that it contains a high amount of sugar which is bad for the skin of the rat. 


Rats can munch on grass but it is not good for them. Grass can transfer disease to the pet rat. You should prevent your pet rats from eating grass when you give them access to play outside.