Can Rats Eat Eggs?

Eggs are nutritious and can be prepared in different ways.

If you have some eggs at home, you might be wondering if it is safe to prepare some for the pet rat as a treat.

In this blog post, you are going to discover if it is safe to serve eggs for the rat as a treat. You will also learn if it is good for us to have raw eggs as a treat.

Can Rats eat eggs? Rats can have eggs as a treat. Eggs are a good source of protein and vitamins for the rats. Boiled egg is best served for the rat as a treat.

If you have been cautious about feeding eggs for the pet rat in the past, now is the time to start including them into the meal plan of the rat.

Can rats have raw eggs?

Rats cannot eat raw eggs; you have to prepare it in one way or the other before you serve it for them.

I can’t imagine myself consuming raw eggs not to think of serving them for the rat as a treat. 

Photo by Daria Shevtsova

Sometimes you might have a broken egg, and you will not want you to get wasted. I usually mix the broken eggs with some other ingredients, boil for a while to form egg cheese. 

Then I am going to serve the rats if it happens that I have some leftovers after everyone has already consumed the cheese eggs.

Can rats have boiled eggs?

The best way to serve eggs for the rat is to hard-boil them. It is easier for the rats to consume hard boil eggs the way they want

You peel off the shell on the eggs after you finish boiling then you can cut into smaller pieces before you serve them for the pet rat as a treat.

Try to take note of the thin layer between the shell and the egg, get rid of them before you serve the egg for the pet rats. 

Can rats have scrambled eggs?

Rats can also eat scrambled eggs. You can choose to prepare scrambled eggs for the pet rat if you want to spice things up for them to create unique treats. 

Whenever I want to prepare scrambled egg either for the family or the rat, I try to include some of the ingredients like thyme, seasoning, bell pepper, fish etc in order to create a tantalizing treat for the rats. 

How can I introduce eggs to pet rats?

You don’t have to find it difficult to introduce eggs to the pet rat as a treat. 

The best method to go about it is to wait until the rats are very hungry.

Before that time, or when they are showing signs of hunger, you can create fascinating scrambled eggs or hard-boiled ones. 

Once the egg is ready, you can save some for yourself,  go near the pet rats and start eating the egg you prepare in their presence.

This will spark the curiosity of the pet rats and they will want to try out whatever you are eating.

Your rats can come closer to you to back off your hands to have a taste of the scrambled egg you prepared.

At this point, you can then sell them a little amount and watch them eating the scrambled eggs with much enthusiasm.

Can rats survive on eggs alone?

It is not possible for the pet rats to survive on eggs alone. Eggs I’m not enough to sustain the rats last for a day not to talk of a long time.

Eggs do not contain all the essential nutrients. You will still need to serve them some other treats alongside the eggs in order to keep them alive. 

Can eggs cause bloating in rats?

Eggs alone cannot cause bloating in the rat, though it has a good amount of protein in its nutritional value. 

Bloating will occur in rats if they overfed on the tooth that contains a lot of carbohydrates. Such as bread, tofu, crackers etc. 

Can baby rats eat eggs?

You can include egg in some of the treats you serve the baby rat due to the protein that are present in the eggs.

Baby rats need protein in order to grow faster. You can prepare hard boiled eggs for the baby rats and slice into pieces which they can easily carry with their mouth.

Health benefits of eggs to the pet rats

Eggs offer cancer-fighting antioxidants for rats. This also comes with enough protein needed for daily recommendation for the rat.

Eggs contain a lot of vitamins for the rats. Vitamin A is found in the eggs and improves the Vision of the let rats at night.

Eggs offer calcium and phosphorus both of which are very essential to keep healthy bones in the body system of the rats.

Other treats you can serve the pet rats

The following are some other treats which you can serve along for the pet rats. 


Apples are a good source of fiber for the rats. You can serve apples alone or together with other treats for the pet. I normally take off the skin before I serve apples for my pets.


Bread is one of those things you can serve the pet rat as a treat. Rats are capable of eating different kinds of breads. You can also serve bread along with fruit juice for the rats to create a unique treat for them. 


Rats are capable of eating different kinds of snacks. The rats over here usually eat snacks like puff puff, scotch egg sausage rolls, tortillas cookies with less sugar etc. 

Try to include the one you are going to serve the rats next time you’re buying snacks from the store or restaurant. 


If you are thinking of serving vegetables for the rats, cabbage should be one of those you are going to choose for the rats. Cabbage is a good source of vitamins and antioxidants for rats. 


You can also serve pizza for a pet rat. Rats over here like to know around with pizza in their mouth. However, pizza should be served in moderation for the pet rats. Prevent them from overfeeding on the pizza to avoid bloating.


popcorn is one of the treats which you can serve the pet rat. The rats sometimes turn the popcorn into a toy in which they try to run through everything and litter the place with popcorn.


You can serve eggs for the pet rat as a treat. Rats cannot have raw eggs but you can serve them the scrambled ones as well as the hard-boiled ones. You should always serve eggs for the pet rats in moderation.