Can Rats Eat Chickens?

Chicken meat can be prepared in various ways. Chicken meat goes along with various types of dishes. 

If you prepare a lot of chickens at home and you have some leftovers, you might be wondering if it is safe to serve chicken meat for the pet rat as a treat.

In this blog post, we are going to discuss if it is good to serve chicken meat, bones and the chicken nuggets for the pet rat as a treat. 

Rats can eat chickens. Chicken meat is a good source of protein and magnesium for the pet rats. You can serve chicken meat for the pet rat as a treat. If you have some leftovers of chicken meat you can serve them for the rat.

Are chickens safe for pet rats?

Chicken meat is one of the healthiest meat you can serve the pet rat as a treat.

Chicken meat is delicious and it offers a good amount of protein compared to other meat for the rat. 

Photo by Maxi Gagliano

Other types of meat have more fat calories and cholesterol than chicken meat. And the rats do not need much of these in their body systems.

Chicken meat offers more vitamins and micronutrients for the pet rat than any other meat. 

These are the things you should know when it comes to feeding treats for the pet rat. 

You can’t just go ahead and start serving them anything that comes your way. 

You need to know the nutritional value which the rats are going to benefit from consuming the treats. 

It is good to also find out if there is any toxic substance in the teeth which you want to serve the pet rat. 

Can my rat have cooked chicken?

Rats can eat cooked chickens. In fact, cooking makes it pretty much easier for the rats to consume chickens and other meat you serve them. 

The rats might find it difficult to tear raw chicken meat apart when you serve it to them. 

There are some rats who are not going to move near raw meat when you serve it to them. 

My rats will not eat the chicken meat until they are being cooked and processed with sauce. 

Can rats eat raw chicken?

Some rats can still manage to eat raw chickens if they are being served. Only very few of the rats will do so and this can only happen when they are hungry and have nothing else to feed on.

Can rats eat fried chicken?

Fried chickens are very tantalizing and they go along with fried rice and other dishes.

Rats will definitely show great enthusiasm whenever you serve them with fried chicken.

I prefer to do shallow frying whenever I want to prepare chickens for the rats over here. Deep frying makes the chicken more juicy and this is not good for the rats.

The aroma that comes out when you are frying the chicken usually invites the last to join you whenever you want to eat dishes with fried chicken. 

Can rats eat chicken nuggets?

Chicken nuggets are one of my favorite foods that I order whenever I go to the restaurant. 

I like the crispy taste of the chicken nugget and I usually have it along with the tacos. 

While I am doing this, I usually have some takeaways of the chicken nuggets to keep in the freezer.

The rats usually literally beg for a taste whenever we are consuming chicken nuggets at home. They usually finish the nuggets in no time whenever we serve them a little. 

Can rats eat chicken bones?

You are bound to have a lot of chicken bones if you prepare chickens regularly for the family.

Instead of tossing the chicken bones away, you can pile them up in the freezer and serve them gradually for a pet rat

Rats can also eat chicken bones if you serve it to them. But it is preferable to serve cooked chicken bones for the rats. 

When you serve them chicken bones, they first eat all the tendon and ligament surrounding the bones. 

There’s no need to fear when it comes to serving chicken bones for the rats. Bones cannot stab the rat in the stomach just like it is with the dogs. 

Can chicken meat cause bloating in rats?

If you allow the rat to consume much of the chicken meat, it is possible that they are going to experience bloating.

This is the reason why it is very important to watch over the rats so that they will not go overboard with the chicken meat you serve them. 

You watch over them especially when they show a great enthusiasm towards the treat. 

Other treats you can serve the pet rat

It is good to have some other treats which you can serve along with the chickens for the pet rat as a treat.


Carrots are one of the fruits which you can serve along with chicken meat for the pet rat. 

After you are finished preparing the chicken meat, you can slice some carrots and the stuff together with the chicken for the rat.


Cabbage is a good vegetable which goes along with the chicken meat to make a unique trait for the pet rat. You can cook the vegetables along with the chicken and some food for the rats to make a special treat.


Rat likes to eat apples. You can serve chicken together with an apple for the rat as a treat. 

Peel off the apple and cut into small cubes before you serve them for the chickens. Try to take away the seed in the Apple before you serve them for the rats.


Bacon is another meat which we can serve the rat as a treat. Make sure the back when you are going to serve the rats is not too burnt. Bacon can be served alone or together with other treats for the rats. 


If you have some leftovers from Turkey after Thanksgiving service, you can also save some for the pet rat as a treat and then enjoy as well. My rats prefer the meat on the laps of the Turkey. 


You can also serve pizza for the pet rat as a treat. Sometimes when you go out you can buy a small amount of pizza which you are going to serve your pet rat as a treat. However, pizza should be served once in a while for the rat.


Rats are capable of eating fish. I sometimes include fish in some of the treats I serve them. Rats are capable of eating all kinds of fish but tuna seems to be the preferred one for the ones we have over here.


Rats can eat chicken meat. You can also serve fried chickens, chicken bones as well as chicken nuggets for the rat as a treat. 

Chicken meats are more nutritious for the pet rat compared to other types of meat. Chickens should be served in moderation for the pet rats.