Can Rats Eat Cheese?

Cheese is tasty, comes with different textures and they are a great topping to dishes.

If you have some leftover cheese at your disposal, you might be wondering if you can sell them as a treat for the rat.

In this blog post, you are going to discover if it is safe to serve cheese for the rat as a treat. 

You will also learn different types of cheese which you can serve the rat as a treat.

Can rats eat cheese? Rats can eat cheese. You can serve cheese alone or together with other dairies for the rat to make a unique treat. However, cheese should be served in moderation for the rats. 

Is cheese safe for the rat?

Cheese is safe for the rats provided you serve it in moderation for the pet. Cheese contains a lot of fat and that’s the reason why you need to serve them in moderation for the rat.

Cheese should be something you serve pet rats occasionally. The best thing you can do is to service together with other traits in order to link up for the excess fat in them. 

Photo by Abhishek Mahajan

These are the things you should know whenever you want to introduce a new treat for the pet rats.

You should always make enquiries about the new treat you discover before you begin to serve them for the rat as a treat

You check out online for nutritional value as well as the toxic substance that may be found in the new teeth you just discovered for the rats. 

You are going to have the right information on whether to serve the new treats you discover for the rat or not. 

You will also know the right quantity you need to serve for the rat to be on the safe side.

There are some pet owners who treat their pet rat anyhow and fit them with whatever they have at home.

They throw any left over for the rat and never care about the effect on the street on the rats. This is a bad practice and you should never engage in it.

You must be very sure that whatever you serve the rat is safe for their well-being

Can rats eat babybel cheese?

Babybel cheese is creamy and delicious to taste or they are small in size. Babybel cheese is a kids favorite.

It might appear as a good idea to serve babybel cheese for the Patriot if you have them a lot in the freezer. 

Rats can have babybel cheese but it is good to serve it in moderation. 

You should serve babybel cheese for the rat once in a while as they contain high amounts of saturated fat. 

Can rats eat cheese puffs?

The kids over here are fond of eating cheese puffs. They come in handy for the kids.

Cheese puffs are one of those things we put in the lunch basket for the kids when they are going to school. 

Rats can have cheese puffs. They usually struggle for the crumbles of cheese balls eaten by the kids. 

Can rats eat cheddar cheese?

Cheddar cheese is a bit hard compared to other types of cheese. Rats can also eat cheddar cheese but it should be in small quantities due to the High sodium content in them.

How can I introduce cheese to the pet rats?

You should never experience any difficulty anytime you want to introduce cheese for the rats.

You only need to go slow the first time you are going to serve cheese for the pet rat. You serve them a little amount of cheese and watch how they are going to react towards it.

Can rats survive on cheese alone?

It is not advisable to serve cheese only for your pet most of the time. As you already know, cheese contains high amounts of fat and sodium in them. 

Therefore, if you have cheese regularly for the rat, they are going to have lots of cholesterol in their body system and the sodium can also cause kidney damage. 

Can baby rats eat cheese?

I will not give you a go ahead to serve cheese for the baby rat. The digestive system of the baby rat cannot take on the nutrients found in the cheese. It will also be difficult for them to digest the sodium found in most cheeses.

Other treats you can serve the pet rat

These are some of the treats which you can serve the rat if it happens that they reject the cheese you serve them.


Rats always like to consume apples. They are always ready for action anytime you serve them apples.

You can serve an apple as a whole for the rats. You can also slice the Apple. Take off the skins and slice the apples into different cubes for rats


Cabbage is one of the vegetables which are safe for the rat as a treat.

Cabbage is best served cooked for the pet rat. You can mix the cabbage together with other treats for the rats to make unique ones. 


Chickens remain one of the healthiest meat you can serve the rat.

Chicken meat contains less amount of fat in their nutritional value. You can also serve grilled chicken meat for the rat as a treat. 


If you have not been serving your pet rat with bread in the past, now is the time to start doing that.

Bread remains one of the healthy favorite treats of the rat. Just avoid serving them the chocolate bread cuz they can eat other types. 


The rats over here are fond of eating carrots. Carrots still remain a good source of vitamin A for the pet rats. You can slice carrots into smaller pieces for the rice to make it easier for them to consume. 


Peas are also good for the rat as a treat. Peas provide the rat with protein, though they don’t need much of these nutrients in their body system. You can serve pieces together with peanuts for the rats to make fascinating treats. 

Treats that are poisonous for rats

It is also important to know traits that are poisonous for the rat especially as a new pet rat owner. 

These are some of the common traits that are poisonous for rats.

Unripe fruits

We all know that rats are capable of eating different things, that does not mean that you should serve them with unripe fruits in case you have some at your disposal. Unripe fruit contains toxic substances that can harm the rats.


Chocolate should not be among the things you are going to serve the rats as a treat.

Chocolate contains a toxic substance that can cause tummy unrest in the rats. you should not serve anything that contains chocolate for the rats as well.


Caffeine makes rats become restless. So you should always watch out for it anytime you want to serve conventional snacks or drinks for the rat as a treat. 


You can serve cheese for the rat as a treat but it should be in moderation. You also need to serve cheese for the rat once in a while.

Cheese is best served for the pet rats together with other treats which you serve the pet to balance out the fat in the dairy product.