Can Rats Eat Cashew?

Cashew apples are very delicious and they are used as sidings for dishes.

If you have cashew in abundance at your disposal, you might be wondering if you can serve them as a treat for the pet rats.

In this blog post, you are going to discover if it is safe to serve cashew for the pet rats. You will also learn creative ways to serve cashew for the pet rat. 

Can rats eat cashew? Rats can eat cashew. Cashew can be served as a treat for the pet rats. Cashew is a good source of fiber and protein for the pet rats. 

There is nothing to worry about if you are planning to serve cashew for the pet rat as a treat. 

Is cashew safe for the rat?

The short answer to this question is yes. Cashew is one of the fruits which you can serve for the pet rats as a treat.

Cashew does not contain any toxic substance that can affect the health of the rats when they consume the fruit.

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You can serve cashew alone or alongside with other fruits for the rats to create a unique treat for them.

It is very important to know whatever goes into the body system of your rats. Try to know the nutritional value as well as the toxic substance present in the treat which you want to serve your pets.

There are some rat owners who have turned their pets into garbage cleaners. They throw everything they have as leftovers for the pet rats without caring about the effect on the creatures.

One thing is that it is easy to harm your pet rats when you feed them out of ignorance. 

You might not know when you feed them something that will cause a great problem in their body system.

One can never be too careful if you truly care about the well-being of your pet rat.

Come to think of it, when your pet rat is healthy there will be nothing like spending on medical treatment or anything similar.

You can go over to different pet rat forums to make enquiries about the new treat which you discover. 

You are going to meet lots of experienced members there to give you guardians on the new treat.

How can I introduce cashew to the pet rats?

If you have not been serving something similar for the pet rats in the past, cashew might look strange to them the first time you serve them the fruit.

Well, there are different ways in which you can make use of to introduce cashew to the pet rat as a treat.

Important thing is to go slow at first whenever you want to give them the cashew for the first time. 

You can prepare the cashew by cutting it into smaller pieces, get rid of the nut and put them in the feeder for the pet rats. 

If it happens that the pet rats do not receive the cashew on direct serving, you can mix the fruits together with other treats which you serve for the rats.

Another way is to delay the meal which you normally serve them on a daily basis until hunger gets hold of them.

You can then introduce the cashew to the Rats and watch out they are going to respond towards the fruits. 

Since they do not have anything else to eat while they are hungry, they are likely to finish the cashew fruits which you serve them. 

At that point, they are ready to eat anything just to stop the hunger in them. Along the line they might find the cashew palatable and finish everything in the feeder.

Can I serve cashew for the rat everyday?

Cashew should be regarded as a treat, that is it is something you serve the pet rats at once in a while. 

If you have cashew in abundance at your disposal, you should not serve it more than two times in a week maximum to be on a safer side.

Also, this will give room for other treats which you want to serve for the pet rats on a daily basis.

Beside that, cashews still lack some of the essential nutrients needed for the well-being of the pet. 

This means you still need to serve some other things for the pet rats to make up for the nutrients that are not found in the cashews

Can baby rats eat cashew?

Cashew apples are edible for the baby rats but I would not advise you to serve them at their early stage especially when they are still less than 5 weeks old.

They need food that contains more protein and calcium as these are essential for their growth.

Other treats you can serve the pet rat


Broccoli is one of the vegetables you can serve the pet rat as a treat. Broccoli is best served cooked with sauce for the rat as a treat. Broccoli is a good source of antioxidants for the rat.

Cooked Beans

In the real sense, it is not suitable to serve raw beans for the rats. Raw beans contain Lectin which is poisonous for the rats. Lectins can cause abdominal pain and diarrhea in rats.


Cranberries are one of the healthy treats you can sell their pet rat but it has to be in moderation. You can serve cranberries together with the vegetables for their rights to make unique treats. 


Are you thinking of serving the rats with some fresh fish? If your answer is yes, Salmon is one of the treats which you can serve their pet rats as a treat. 


Honeydew is one of the suitable melons which you can serve the pet rats as a treat. Honeydew is a good source of vitamin A and vitamin C for pet rats. Try to slice the honeydew before you serve the rats. 


Potatoes are one of the things you can serve for the pet rats as a treat. Potatoes offer enough fiber to keep them bouncing around. Peel off the skin before you serve potatoes for the pet rats. 

Treats that are poisonous for rats

Sticky Food

Sticky Food should not be part of the things you are going to serve the pet rats. An example of sticky food which you should not serve is shea butter. The pet rats often find it hard to swallow sticky foods.

Moldy Food

Sometimes we have moldy food as leftovers. It may occur to you to serve them for the pet rats. Moldy food can cause tummy upset in the rats. 

Green potatoes

Green potatoes should not be served for the pet rats. Green potatoes contain a pesticide called solanine which can harm the rats. 


You can serve cashew for a pet rat as a treat. Cashew provides the rat with fiber protein and some antioxidants which are essential for the well-being of the pet rat. Cashew should be served once in a while for the pet rats and it should be in moderation.