Can Rats Eat Cantaloupe?

Cantaloupe is one of the fruits with high water content.

If you have cantaloupe in abundance at home, you might be wondering if you can serve some for the pet rat as a treat.

In this blog post, you are going to discover if it is safe to serve cantaloupe for the pet rat. 

Can rats eat Cantaloupe? Rats can eat cantaloupe. You should serve cantaloupe for the rats in moderation due to the high water content in them. Rats will give out watery poop when they eat cantaloupe in excess. 

Is cantaloupe safe for the rat?

Of course, cantaloupes are safe for the pet rat. Cantaloupes do not contain any toxic substance in their nutritional value.

Just like other melons, cantaloupe has high water content in them. Therefore, a problem will occur when you allow the rats to feed on cantaloupe in excess.

Photo by Denitsa Kireva

Excessive water in the cantaloupe will lead to loose stool in the pet rat. You have to watch over the rat when you serve cantaloupe because they found it delicious. 

You say the safety of your pet rat is very important when it comes to feeding. You can’t just feed them anything due to their complicated body system.

Pet rats respond fast to a toxic substance present in anything they eat. This is the reason why you need to be very careful with whatever you feed them.

Make some enquiries about the new treats which you want to serve as a pet rat. Try to know the nutritional value present in them as well as toxic substances if there is any.

You can’t just follow the lead of other rat owners just because they claim that a certain treat is good for the pet rats. 

Go and do your own findings and be very sure that the treat is safe for the pet rat before you begin to serve the little creatures. 

In order to be certain about this, I did a couple of research about feeding cantaloupe for the pet rats as a treat.

I discovered that other pet owners feed cantaloupe and melons to the rat as a treat.

A member of the rat hack forum said she used to serve cantaloupe for the rat and they usually love it anytime she serves the fruit.

How can I introduce cantaloupe to the pet rats?

It does not require special techniques to introduce cantaloupe for the pet rat as a treat.

You simply serve the cantaloupe for the rat directly and watch how they are going to react towards it.

The rats are going to finish the cantaloupe since it is sweet and they enjoy eating something delicious all the time.

One thing is that you need to serve the cantaloupe in small quantities for the rat and watch how they are going to react towards it.

The reason is that rats don’t usually have control over the amount of the treat they need to eat. 

They are going to overfeed on the cantaloupe if they are left unguided. 

You can also wait till they are hungry and serve them the cantaloupe instead of the other treats.

They will have no other choice than to feed on the fruit which you saw them when they are hungry. They will become voracious eaters as a result of hunger and finish everything. 

These methods can help to increase the acceptance rate of the cantaloupe by the Rats.

Can rats eat cantaloupe seeds?

One thing I can say is that cantaloupe seed is edible for humans. If you go by the rule of thumb switch says whatever is edible for humans can also be consumed by The Rats. 

It means you can serve cantaloupe seeds for the rat. one thing is that it is very important to observe them when you send them the cantaloupe seed. 

You are going to discover if it is good to continue serving the seed or take them away from the rats.

Can rats eat cantaloupe rinds?

There is a similitude between the kids and rats behavior when it comes to food and treats.

If you send them something that is sweet but less healthy, they are going to accept it fast without thinking twice. 

The same thing goes for a bitter treat that is bitter. In this case, cantaloupe rinds are bitter and there is likelihood that the rat are going to reject it when you serve it from them.

Can I serve cantaloupe for the rat everyday?

I will not advise you to serve cantaloupe for the pet rats everyday even if you have them in abundance at your disposal. 

I know it can be very tempting especially when you have easy access to the treat. But remember I said in the above that cantaloupe has high water content.

This means that if you serve cantaloupe for the rat everyday, over time they will start giving out watery poop and later all the place. 

Can baby rats eat cantaloupe?

Cantaloupe is good for a baby rat that is 7 weeks old and above. Our baby rats are capable of eating so many things consumed by the adult rat as well. only serve the baby rats a little amount  of cantaloupe and it should be once in a while. 

Other treats you can serve the pet rat


Cashew is one of the fruits you can serve the rat as a treat. The rats are fond of eating the flesh on the cashew fruit and discard the seed 


Fish is one of the healthy treats which you can serve to the pet rat. fish provides the rat with essential vitamins and minerals as well as Omega-3 fatty acid. 


If you have kale in the surrounding area, you can serve some for the pet rat as a treat. Kale is a good source of vitamins and minerals for the pet rats. It also provides them with antioxidants. 


The rats can eat pasta without any restriction as they are capable of eating most things. If you prepare pasta for the family or you have some leftovers you can give the rats to eat as a treat. 


Rats also like to crack nuts and this is the reason why walnuts are one of the healthy treats which you can serve the rats. Walnut also provides the rat with fiber. 


Rats can eat Cantaloupes. You need to peel off the skin, remove the seeds and cut the cantaloupe into smaller sizes before you serve them for the rat. You should feed the rat with cantaloupes in moderation to prevent watering poop in rats.