Can Rats Eat Beets?

Beets are one of the root vegetables packed with high-value nutrients.

If you have beets at your disposal in abundance, you might be wondering if you can serve the root vegetables for the pet rat as a treat.

In this blog post, you are going to discover if it is safe to serve beetroot for her pet rat as a treat. 

Can rats eat beets? Beets are safe for the pet rats. You can serve both the root and leaves of beets for the pet rat as a treat. Beets are a good source of vitamins and minerals for the pet rats. 

Is beet safe for the rat?

Beets are safe for the pet rats provided you serve the vegetable in moderation for them.

Beetroots contain oxalate which can lead to kidney stones in male rats if they consume the beet in excess.

Photo by Roddy Mcgillivray from Pexels

It is very essential to make enquiries about the safety of the new treat which you want to introduce to the pet rat.

Try to know if the new treat contains a toxic substance so as you know if it is safe to surf a treat for her pet rat.

You can go online to get more information about the new treat. Ensure to know the nutritional value of the treat before you serve it for your rats.

You should not be like some pet rat owners who feed the little creatures out of ignorance. 

It is easy to poison rats in this way. This practice should be avoided if you truly care about the well-being of the pet rats.

Can rats eat beetroot?

Large majority of the people usually interchange the uses of beetroot and beet. 

Beet is often referred to as the leaves, stem and the root part of the vegetables while the root is referred to as Beetroot. 

Beetroot is edible for the pet rat. But you need to serve the beetroot in moderation for the rats. You cut them into pieces and serve the rat.  

How can I introduce beet to a pet rat?

Introducing beet to the pet rats should not be complicated. You can choose to serve the beets to the rats directly.

The rats are capable of eating most things on the first time. There is a chance that the rats are going to accept the beet if you have been serving them with vegetables in the past.

You can wait until the rats are very hungry before you serve the beet to them. The rats will have no other choice than to eat everything you serve them since they are hungry.

Can I serve beet for the rat everyday?

It is not advisable to serve beet for the rat everyday. The rats are going to become repulsive to the beets if it happens that they eat it every day.

Also serving Beetroot for the pet rats everyday will not give room for other treats which you want to serve the pet rats. 

Even when the main feeds you serve the rats are non longer available, beetroot can only be part of the treats which you can serve the pet rats. 

Can baby rats eat beets?

It is not advisable to serve beets for the baby rats. Beetroots are too vibrant for the baby rats to eat. 

Most of the things you are going to serve the baby rats must be soft and easy to digest for them.

Health benefit of beet for the rats

Beets offer lots of nutritional benefits for the pet rats.  

Beets are highly rich in fiber which is essential for improving the rate of digestion in rats. 

Folate is found in the beets. Folates help to optimal performance of the cells in the body system or the rats. 

Beets have a good amount of Vitamin C in them. This vitamin helps to build up the immune system of the pet rats. 

Healthy treats you can serve the pet rat


Apples are one of the healthy treats which you can fiber the pet rat. Apple’s provide the pet rat with fiber which aids digestion in the rats. You can serve apples as a whole for the rats. 


Broccoli is one of the healthy vegetables which you can serve with a pet rat. Broccoli is a good source of antioxidants for a pet rat. You need to slice the broccoli before you serve the pet rats. 


Plums are also safe for a pet rat as a treat. The rats over here usually go crazy whenever they are being served with plums. plums also provide the pet rat with antioxidants.

Bok choy

Do you have some bok choy at home? You can solve them for the pet rat as a treat. bok choy provides the best route with vitamin C which helps to strengthen their immune system.


Rice can also have yogurt as a treat. But the plane you got is healthier than any other type. However, you should avoid serving yogurt that is rich in flavor for the pet rats.

Trees that are poisonous to pet rats

Apple seeds

Apple seeds are not good for the rats. Apple seeds contain cyanide which can cause a tummy upset in rats. 


Never make an attempt to serve treats that have sugar percent in their nutrients. Things like candy, soft drinks etc are suitable for the rats due to their sugar contents. 


Chocolate contains theobromine which can cause a tummy upset in rats as well. This is also applicable to chocolate bread.  


Beets are safe for the rats. You can serve beets alone or together with other treats for a pet rat. Beets are a good source of vitamins and minerals for the pet rats. Serve beets for the rats in moderation.