Can Rats Eat Bananas?

Bananas are edible fruits which are soft and have lots of nutrients.

If you have a lot of bananas at your disposal, you must be wondering if you can serve the frust to the pet rat as a treat.  

In this blog post, you are going to discover if bananas are safe for the pet rat as a treat. You will also learn if bananas are good for male rats.

Can rats eat bananas? Rats can eat bananas. Bananas are a good source of fiber in vitamins for the pet rat. You can serve bananas for baby rats but you have to mah it for them. 

Are bananas safe for rats?

Bananas are super safe for the pet rats. Bananas are an excellent source of vitamins and minerals for the pet rat. 

Bananas do not contain any harmful substance that can cause damage in the body system of the rats.

Photo by Ralph

As a pet rat owner, your own is to your pets to always determine if a treat is safe for their well-being before you introduce it to them. 

You know, rats possess delicate body systems, they can easily get harmed when they eat any toxic substance. 

Therefore, ignorance is not an option when it comes to feeding the pet rats. You need to know the nutritional value of the treat as well as the toxic substance in them.

If you can’t find enough information about the treat from other pet rat owners around you, you can go online and search for it on different pet forums. 

Always do this anytime you discover a new treat for your pet. You will always be at peace of mind with whatever you feed them.

How can I introduce bananas to the pet rats?

Banana does not require special techniques before you can introduce it to your pet rat. 

You simply serve them and they are going to eat it because it is delicious. just make sure that you are serving the banana for the pet rat in moderation.

You can serve bananas only for the pet rats or you serve it along with other fruits which you normally give your rats.

How to serve bananas for the pet rat

Serving bananas to the pet rat is straightforward. 

You peel off the skin on the bananas. make sure you wash the bananas thoroughly if it happens that you buy them from the store.

Cut the bananas into smaller pieces and put them in the feeder for the pet rats. 

It is advisable to mash the bananas before you serve them for the baby rats. This will make it pretty much easier for the baby rats to consume the bananas you served them. 

Can I serve bananas for the rat everyday?

Now you know that it is safe to serve bananas for the pet rats. That does not mean you should come on out and start serving it for them everyday. 

It can be very tempting to serve a particular treat which you have in abundance to the Patriots every time.

A certain treat might be safe to serve for the pet rats. But if you have it regularly for the pet rats it can lead to serious issues in the body system.

Are bananas good for pregnancy rats?

A pregnant rat needs more of essential nutrients like protein, calcium, magnesium, iron, potassium etc in their body systems. 

These nutrients are essential for the development of the fetus in pregnant rats. 

If you look at the nutritional value of the banana closely, you are going to see that it contains some of the essential nutrients I mentioned above.

Therefore, you can serve bananas for pregnant rats but it should be once in a while and in moderation.

Can rats eat banana peels?

Banana peels seem edible for the pet rats. Though they do not have any toxic substance, it is not advisable to serve it for them. 

The peel may have some pesticide on them if it happens that you bought the banana from the store. This may cause some harm for the pets if you allow them to eat the peels. 

Are bananas safe for male pet rats?

Just because a treat is good for rats in general does not mean that you can still serve them for male rats. 

There are some treats that can affect the kidney and the urinary tract of the male rats. 

In this case, bananas are good for male rats as they do not contain nutrients that can inhibit the absorption of zinc which will eventually lead to kidney stone.  

Can baby rats eat bananas?

Bananas are good for a baby rat and it is best to serve it for them once in a while as a treat. 

Baby rats need calcium and protein in order to develop properly and these two essential nutrients can be found in bananas. 

Other treats you can serve the pet rat


Celery is one of the healthy vegetables which you can serve to pet rats. You can cut the celery into small pieces before you serve them to the pet rats. 

Green pepper

Green pepper is also good for the pet rats as a treat. Green pepper is a good source of vitamin C which boosts the immune system of rats. 


Mushrooms are a good treat for the pet rats. Mushrooms should be served for the rats in moderation. You need to cook the Mushrooms before you serve them for the rats. 


Pumpkins are a good treat for the pet rats. Pumpkin provides the rats with antioxidants. Avoid serving pumpkins seed for the rats. 


Do you have some honeydew at your disposal? You can serve the honeydew for the rats as a treat. Honeydew is a good source of vitamins and minerals for the pet rats. 

Treats that are poisonous for pet rats

Dried Corn

You can serve fresh corn for the rats but dried ones is no for the rodents. Small rats may find it hard to chew the dried corn. It can also lead to urinary tract disease in male rats. 


Chocolate is not good for the pet rats as a treat. Chocolate contains a toxic substance in them. Theobromine can cause tummy upset in pet rats. 


Candy contains a lot of sugar in them. Rats find it difficult to digest sugar in their body system. You should watch over the kids and prevent them from eating the candy.


Rats can eat bananas. Bananas are full of nutrients which are beneficial for the well-being of the rats. 

Banana is a good source of vitamins and minerals for the raw. You can also serve bananas for the baby rat as well. Bananas should always be served for the pet rats as a treat.