Can Rats Eat Apricots?

Apricots are delicious and can make good ingredients for smoothies and jams.

If you have apricots in abundance at your disposal, you might be wondering if you can save some for the pet rat as a treat.

In this blog post, you are going to learn if it is safe to serve apricots for the pet rat as a treat. 

Can rats eat apricots? Rats can eat apricots. Apricots provide the rats with vitamin E. You can serve apricots for the right as a treat but it should be once in a while. 

You just have to serve the apricot in moderation for the rats due to high sugar content in them.

Are apricots safe for the rat?

This is the first question you will always ask yourself if you are very conscious of whatever you serve the pet rat.

Apricots are safe for the pet rats only if you choose to serve the fruit in moderation for your pet.

Apricots do not contain any toxic substance that can harm the well-being of your pet rat.

You have to be aware of the treat you want to serve your pet rat, especially the one you’ve just discovered.

Try to know the nutritional benefits of the new treat you want to introduce to the pet rats. You should always check out for toxic substances if there is any in the new treat as well.

It is equally important to know the right amount you need to serve for the pet rat. 

You should not turn your pet rat into a garbage cleaner and feed them with whatever you have as leftovers.

This practice is not good enough and you can easily harm your pet rat in this way if care is not taken.

I want to be sure of what I posted and I did a little research about feeding her to court for the pet rats.

One of the members of The Rat forum shared his experience about feeding apricot for his pet rat. 

He said the rats love the apricot and they always look out for more anytime he serves them.

Just ensure that you are serving apricot for the Patriot in moderation in order to be on the safe side.

How can I introduce apricots to the pet rats?

If you have been serving peaches or plums for the pet rat in the past, they should accept apricots from you easily.

It is very important to go slow at first whenever you want to introduce an apricot for a pet rat.

You do this by serving them a little amount of the fruit and watch how they are going to react towards it. 

if you are buying the apricot from the store or harvest straight from the garden, it is very essential the fruits thoroughly before you serve them for their pet rat.  

You peel off the skin on the fruit and take away the seed before you serve them the apricots. 

You serve the apricot into the feeder for the pet rat and observe. 

The amount you are going to put into the feeder must not be enough to satisfy them if it happens that they end up liking the fruits.

The pet rats are going to have little taste of the fruit to see how it will go and their body system.

If they find the fruit delicious, they are going to finish all the apricots you serve in the feeder and look for more. 

Can I serve apricots for the rat everyday?

It is not advisable to serve apricots for the  pet rats everyday. You should know that apricot contains a high amount of sugars in its nutritional facts. 

The rats are going to develop runny stools if you serve apricots for the rats every day. 

Are apricots good for male rats?

You should not serve apricots for the male pet rats. The fruit contains some nutrients that are likely to cause UTI and the body system of the male rats.

Can baby rats eat apricots?

You can serve apricots for the baby rats but it should be once in a while. Try to mix the apricot together with vegetables before you serve them for the baby rats. 

Other treats you can serve the pet rat


Lettuce is one of the vegetables you can serve the pet rat as a treat. Lettuce provides the rats with vitamins and minerals. 

Lettuce should be served in moderation for the pet rats. Otherwise the rats are going to Experience running stools.


Carrot is a good fruit for the pet rat. carrots are an excellent source of vitamin A for the rat as the nutrient helps to improve their vision. 

Carrot can be served together with other fruits for the rat. It is easier for the rats to consume when you cut the cut into smaller cubes.


I like to give cabbage to the pet rat over here. Cabbage is good for the rat as a treat. 

You can slice the cabbage into pieces before you solve them for the pet Rats. Cabbage should be served once in a while for a rat as a treat to give room for other vegetables. 


You can serve bread for the rat as a treat. Some people are going to advise against that due to choking. 

The rats I have over here are going to finish the bread you serve them without choking. They can also eat the dried bread but I prefer to serve them the fresh ones. 


You have peanuts at home? You can solve them as a treat for the pet rats. I will advise you to cook the peanuts before you serve the pet rats. 

You can search for the peanut with a shell for the rats. They are going to crack the shell with their teeth and bring out the peanuts to eat. 


Beans are also good for the rats but in the cooked one. Fresh beans contain lectins and this can be poisonous for the Pet rats. 

The cooking process would have reduced the effects of the toxic substance in the Beans before you serve the rats.


Rats are capable of eating different kinds of snacks. You can serve them pizza, meat pie, guacamole hamburger, chicken pie etc. 

Just make sure that the snacks you are going to serve the rats do not contain too much sugar or salt in them. 


Apricot is good for the pet rat as a treat. You can serve apricot for the rat alone or together with other fruit to make a unique treat the rats will love. Apricot should be served in moderation and once in a while for the pet rats.