Can Rats Drink Gatorade?

It can be very worrisome if you see your agile pet rat becoming weak by the day.

If you have Gatorade, you might be wondering if it is good to serve the drink for the weak rats. 

In this blog post, you are going to discover if it is good to serve Gatorade for your weak rats. 

Can rats drink gatorade? Rat can drink Gatorade. Gatorade is good for boosting the energy of weak rats. You should give Gatorade to the pet rats in moderation. 

Is Gatorade safe for pet rats?

Gatorade is safe for the rats provided you serve it in moderation. 

Gatorade should be served to the right once in a while or only when they are sick. And it should not be regular.

It should be known that Gatorade contains a lot of sugar. As a result of this, it is advisable to serve the drink for the rats when the matter arises.

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Try to mix the Gatorade with water before you serve them to the rats. This will help to minimize the sugar content in the sports drink. And it will make it safe for rat consumption. 

You can only think of serving Gatorade for the rats when they are sick and seem feeble. 

Give Gatorade to your sick rats about two times a day. You do this for a few days and you should stop once you notice that the rat has gained strength. 

Can rats drink blue Gatorade?

It is not advisable to serve blue Gatorade for the rat. 

The reason is that it contains artificial sweetener which can be very fatal for the body system of the rats

Blue Gatorade can increase the insulin level in the body system of the rat. Artificial sweeteners found in Gatorade can increase the blood pressure in the rat. 

When this occurs, it can lead to restlessness of the rat and they will become overreacting to things around them. 

Can rats have Gatorade zero?

Gatorade zero is good for the rats because they don’t contain sugar or any artificial sweeteners that can affect the well-being of the rat. 

In fact, I will advise you to serve Gatorade zero for your rats when they are sick. 

Also, this should not be frequently so as not to get the rats familiar with the taste of the drink.

The rats may not take water only from you again once they have been accustomed to the Gatorade you serve them.

Can I give my pet rat Pedialyte?

You can give pedialyte to pet rats. Pedialyte is good for rats that have no strength due to diarrhea or sickness. 

Pedialyte provides the rat with electrolyte faster together with some essential minerals that’ll make it fast for the rust to gain strength. 

Pedialyte is best used within the 24 hour you open the bottle. And it is very necessary to put it in the refrigerator to keep it safe. 

You can even turn it into an ice cube in order to preserve it for a longer time. However, you are going to thaw the iced pedialyte before you can use it again. 

How do you give liquid medicine to rats?

There are two ways to go about it when you want to serve liquid medicine for the rats.

The first method is to make use of erected bottles. The bottles must have nipples at the lower part to make it easier for the rat to drink the water from the bottles. 

The second method is to make use of a syringe. So this is good if the rust do not have any strength left to drink the water from the bottle on their own. 

You simply hold the rat with one hand and use the other hand to press liquid medicine in the syringe into the rat’s mouth.

You just have to be very careful when you are doing this so that you will not harm the sick rat more. 

What can you give a dehydrated rat?

The following are the things you can give to a dehydrated rat. 


Water is the first thing you should give a dehydrated rat. Dehydration occurs in the heart as they have less fluid in their body system. 

You can add a little amount of sugar or salt to the water. This will encourage the rats to drink more of the water.

Electrolyte drink

you can serve a dehydrated rat electrolyte drinks like Gatorade or pedialyte. Both of them help boost that the electrolyte in the body system of the rat. Pedialyte seems to be more preferable as it has less sugar and more effective.


Carrot is also good for a dehydrated rat. Carrots turn to fluid in the body system of the rats and humans. Cut the carrot into tiny pieces or mash them completely to make it easier for the rats to eat. 


Applesauce is also good for a dehydrated rat. Applesauce provides the rat with enough fluid faster compared to other sauces. Allow the applesauce to cool before you serve it for the pet rats. 


Watermelon is another fruit which you can serve a dehydrated rat. Watermelon also provides the essential minerals which will help dehydrated rats to gain more strength. 


You can also serve milk for a dehydrated rat. You only need to add more water to the milk before you can solve it for the rats. 

What can I feed a sick rat?

Garlic is one of the things you can serve to sick rats. Garlic herbs to boost the immune system of the rat in order to fight any infection in their body. 

You can cut the garlic into smaller pieces and mix them together with the favorite treat of the rats. 

Another thing you can serve a sick rat is Rosemary. Rosemary also helps with the immune system of the rat. You can serve rosemary alone for the rats or mix them with tasty treats you serve the rats. 


Rats can have Gatorade. Gatorade provides some electrolyte for a weak rat. Gatorade should be served in moderation but it should not be always. The reason is that Gatorade contains sugar and a high percentage of sodium.