Can Rats Drink Apple Juice?

Apple juice is great for refreshment and best served along with lunch meals. 

If you always prepare apple juice at home or you have some in the freezer, you might be wondering if it is good to serve the juice for the rats. 

In this blog post, you are going to discover if it is safe to serve apple juice to the pet rats. 

Can rats drink apple juice? Rats can drink apple juice but it has to be in small quantities. Apple juice can be used to motivate a weak rat to start drinking liquid medicine. 

Is apple juice safe for pet rats?

Apple juice is safe for the rat either the one you prepare at home or the store bought one. 

But the homemade apple juice is safer for the rats. The reason is that they are sugar free and do not contain artificial sweeteners. 

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Store bought apple juice will only be safe for the pet that provided you allowed them to have some sips. 

The reason is that they contain a good amount of sugar and preservatives in them. Both of which are not good for the overall health of the rats. 

It is very important to always check the labeling of any beverages or soft drinks you are planning to give your pet rat. 

You check out the sugar contents in the beverages. This will help you to know the one which is suitable for the pet rat.

Apple juice is good for the rats. The juice makes it pretty much easier for the rat to absorb all the essential nutrients found in Apple faster. 

Can I give apple juice to the rats everyday?

The short answer is no. It is not advisable to serve apple juice for the rat everyday. Remember that apple juice contains a good amount of sugar. And this is not good for the body system of the rat.

Beside that, serving apple juice to the rat everyday will prevent the rat from enjoying other treats. 

Will excessive apple juice affect the rat?

Remember too much of everything becomes the opposite. The same thing goes for the apple juice.

If you serve excessive juice for the rat, it can lead to bloating in the rat and this can be very risky for their well-being.

Excessive apple juice will lead to high concentration of sugar in the body system of the rat. It will not be long before your rats start to experience seizures. 

No matter what, apple juice, as well as any other sayings, should be served in moderation for the rats and other pets. 

If you always take apple juice at home, you have to be very disciplined about the serving apple juice for the pet rat. 

The rats are going to long for the apple juice when they see you sipping it at close range. But you should ignore their request.

Is apple juice good for a dehydrated rat?

Apple juice is not the best option for a dehydrated rat. However, it can be used to motivate the rats to take liquid medicine and electrolytes drinks like Gatorade and pedialyte. 

Can you give applesauce to rats?

Applesauce is good for the rat. You can serve applesauce as a treat for the rat. Applesauce is one of the foods you can provide the rats when they are sick or recovering from diarrhea. 

Can rats drink alcohol?

Rats can drink alcohol but it is not good for their health. Alcohol can intoxicate the pet rats and they will start misbehaving. Some rats can become dull as a result of Alcoholic intake. 

Other treats you can serve the pet rats


Carrot is one of the healthy treats you can serve the rat. You can even prepare carrot juice and serve it for the rat as a treat as well. Carrots are a good source of fiber for the pet rat. 


Cabbage is another healthy treat you can serve the rat. Cabbage provides the rat with antioxidants and minerals. You can serve cabbage with other vegetables for your rat.


Plums are one of the healthy treats you can serve your rats. Plums provide the rat with antioxidant vitamins and minerals. You can cut the plums into pieces for rats to consume. 


Potatoes are good for the rat. Take off the skin, cut the potatoes into smaller pieces and serve them for the rat. You can also serve the rats mashed potatoes when you prepare some for your family.


Bread is one of the common treats you can serve the pet rats. Make sure you serve them with Fresh ones. however you should never serve chocolate spread for the rat.


Rats can drink apple juice. Next time you are preparing one for your family, try to include the one you are going to serve the rat. 

Apple juice makes it easier for the rat to absorb the nutrients in apples. Apple juice to always be served in moderation and once in a while for the rats.