Can Goats Eat Peas?

Are you planning to grow or buy peas for your goats as a treat? If your answer is yes, then I will implore you to read the rest of the article.

In this blog post, you are going to discover if you can serve peas to the goats as a treat or not. You will also discover if it is safe to serve dried peas to the boat

Can goats eat peas? Goats can eat peas. You can serve peas to the goat as a treat. Goats can eat dried peas as well. You first soak dried peas in the water sprout before you serve them. Goats will eat the peas pod, vine and root.

If you have peas at home you can send them to the goat as a treat. You just have to ensure that you are serving it in moderation to the goats to prevent bloating. 

Are peas safe for goats?

Peas are safe for the goats but it is advisable to always serve them fresh ones. Goats are capable of eating the vine as well as the root of peas. 

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It is very important to always make enquiries about the new treat which you want to serve the goats and other pets you have. 

You can ask other goat owners in your immediate environment about the new treaty which you want to serve the goat. 

There is no point in poisoning your goats with the new treat you serve them. That’s the reason why you need to do a little research before you go ahead and serve the new treat to your pets.  

In order to be more certain about this, I went online to do a little research about feeding peas to the goat. 

A member of backyard herds said he usually serves peas to the livestock regularly and these include goats. 

A member of the Homesteading forum said he serves peas to the goats when they pass the prime. He said he pulls the roots and serves them to the goats. 

On another site called Goat spot forum, one of the members said he usually serves split peas to the goats. He confirmed that the goats show no sign of sickness after eating the piece. 

How do I introduce peas to my goats?

Introducing peace to the goats should not be complicated. You just have to serve a handful of peas into the feeders for the Goat and they are capable of eating the amount suitable for their stomachs.

At first, the goats might seem not to be interested in the peas since it is the first time you are serving it. They will take their time to check on the treats you serve before they can decide to go ahead and eat it.

When it occurs that the goats feel reluctant, you don’t have to be in a hurry and quickly take away the piece from the feeder. Over time they may likely come back and finish everything you serve in the feeders.

A goat owner once said that his goats don’t react very well when he first serves peas to the goat. After the goats have tasted the peas, they always look out for more and they go crazy anytime he wants to serve the peas. 

How often do I feed my goats with peas?

Peas should serve the goats as a treat. This means that you can only serve it on occasion to the goat. You can serve it about two times in a month for the coat as a treat.

We all know that goats have a complex stomach and they can easily bloat when they gorge on any treat. This is the reason why you need to always engage in moderation when you are introducing new treats to the goat.

It can be very tempting to start serving peas to the goats regularly, if it happens that you have a lot of peas at your disposal. 

But it is very important to exercise caution so as not to harm the goat with what you feed them.

Can goats eat dried peas?

You can also serve dried peas to the goat but you have to be very cautious about this so that it will not damage their teeth. 

Better still you can even soak the dried peas in water for a while. Overtime, then you can sprout the soaked peas before you can serve them to the goat. This will make it pretty much easier for the goats to grind and swallow. 

Can peas cause bloating in goats?

Peace is a leguminous plant therefore it is capable of causing bloating in goats if they gorge on it. Goats can easily get carried away when they see one of their favorite treats. 

They might end up gorging on the treat if you don’t control the amount they are going to eat. Start them a little potion that will only satisfy a few of them if they are all to eat the piece. 

Can baby goats eat peas?

You can serve peas to the baby goat once they are up to seven weeks. Peas is a leguminous plant so it is going to be a good source of protein for the baby goats.

Baby goats need a lot of protein in their feed as this will enhance rapid growth in them. 

Other treats you can serve the goats

Apart from peas, these are some of the healthy treats you can serve the goats. 


Cabbage is one of the healthy vegetables you can serve the goat as a treat. Cabbage can be a good source of antioxidants for the goat. 

You can serve cabbage as a whole into the figures or slice into smaller pieces for the goats and their babies. 

Cooked beans

Goats can also eat cooked beans. Cook beans can be a source of protein for the goat as this will enhance the performance of the vital organs in the body system of the courts. 


Pumpkin can also served to the goat as a treat. You can help them to break the pumpkins into smaller pieces so that it will be easy for them. Take away the seeds when you serve the pumpkins.


Carrot is one of the healthy treats you can serve the goat. Carrot provides the goat with vitamin A which helps to improve the vision of the goat. It also enhances their vision in the dark or light. 


Broccoli is another good treat you serve the goat. Broccoli also provides the goats with antioxidants. You can also slice broccoli into smaller pieces for the goat. 


Goats can eat peas but you should serve it in moderation to prevent bloating in goats. Peas provide the goats with protein. You can also serve dried peas to the goats but not always. Goats will eat vine, pod and the root of peas.