Can Goats Eat Oregano?

Oregano is one of the flowering plants that grow in the garden. It belongs to the mint family. 

If you have oregano in abundance in the garden and you are raising goats as pets, you might think of serving the plant to the goats. 

In this post, you are going to discover if you can serve Oregano to the goats as a treat. 

Can goats eat oregano? Goats can eat Oregano. Oregano leaves can be served to the goats as a treat. Oregano is a good source of antioxidants for the goats. 

Oregano is one of the herbs you can serve to the goats. You can serve it along with other veggies you serve the goats. 

Is Oregano safe for goats?

Oregano is safe for the goats as they do not contain any toxic substance. Oregano is very rich in antioxidants as well as antibiotic properties.

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Common toxic substances that are found in most plants like solanine, Thamamine Lectin are not present in the plant. So you should never hesitate to serve Oregano for the goat.

You should first determine how safe a treat is before you serve it to the goat. There is no point in harming the goat with the new treat you are introducing to them provided it is a toxic substance. 

It is very important to research about the new treat you want to introduce to your pets. 

You should always determine the level of toxicity in the treat you want to serve the goats.

Never follow the bandwagon when it comes to introducing new treats to your pets.

You may have other goat owners serving as a certain treat to the goat. This does not give you a go ahead to start serving the same treat to the goat without making an inquiry first.

It is also important to know the right proportion of the treats you need to serve the goat. 

To be more certain about this, I also asked some goat owners around me about feeding oregano to the goat.

Majority of them gave a positive response. Some of them said that Oregano provides their goats with antibacterial properties.

How do I introduce oregano to my goats?

Introducing oregano to the goat should not be complicated provided you have been serving them with vegetables and different plants before.

Do not rush them when you are about to introduce Oregano to the goats otherwise they are going to feel repulsive and reject it. 

Instead you should go slow at first and watch how they are going to react towards the new plant you serve them. 

The goats might appear indifferent when you first serve oregano to them. This is a normal behavior among the goats but you need to be patient and watch out as the event unfolds.

They might first ignore the plant you serve in the feeders. Later, they will come back and check on it, and they are going to finish everything you serve if they find it palatable. 

If it happens that they are rejecting the oregano on the direct serving, you can mix the plants together with other vegetables you serve them. 

If it appears that they are nodding their heads against the oregano, it indicates that they are not interested in having the plant. 

How often do I feed my goats with oregano?

Since you have discovered that you can serve oregano to the goat, this does not mean that you should start serving oregano to the goat regularly. 

Moderation plays an important role when it comes to feeding the goat with different treats. 

I know it can be very tempting when you have a certain treat in abundance at your disposal and you discover that a goat can also eat it without any harm.

Do not be pushed by the availability of Oregano plants within the surrounding areas, you should not serve the plant more than two times in 3 weeks to the goat. 

This will help you to be on the safe side and give rooms for serving other treats to the goats. 

Can oregano cause bloating in goats?

Oregano is capable of causing bloating in goats if they gorge on the plant. The reason is that the plant has different substances that serve as antioxidants and antibacterials.

If the goat consumes a lot of the Oregano plants, their stomach will work hard to flush out the excesses by releasing chemicals from the microbes in the stomach.

A series of reactions will occur which will eventually lead to bloating in goats. Bloating brings about pain and distress to the goats when it occurs. 

Can baby goats eat oregano?

The short answer to this question is no. You should never have oregano or any other herbs for the kids. 

The reason is that oregano is too strong for their digestive systems. The kids are here to develop a strong digestive system that can easily break down the chemical found in oregano. 

And if you look at the nutritional value of oregano, it does not come with enough protein which is needed for the proper growth of the kids. 

Health benefits of oregano to the goats

Oregano offers the goat with enough antioxidants. Antioxidant is very essential as it helps to prevent sickness in goats and other pets in the yard.

Other treats you can serve the goats

Just in case your goat reject oregano, these are some of the healthy treats you serve the goats instead


Cabbage is one of the healthy veggies which you can serve the goats. Cabbage provides the goats with vitamins and minerals. 


Watermelon is one of the fruits you can serve the goats as a treat. The goats are capable of eating the watermelon rind as well. You can break the watermelon into smaller pieces for the goats. 


Carrots are one of the healthy treats you can serve the goats. Goats derive vitamin A from eating carrots. Goats make funny sounds when they are crushing the carrots.


Peanuts can also be served to the goats as a treat. Goats can eat both raw and cooked peanuts. Peanuts provide the goats with proteins and fiber. 


If you have rosemary within the surrounding area, you can serve them to the goats as a treat. Goats like eating rosemary. 

Rye grass

Ryegrass can also be served to the goats as a treat. Just make sure you get them a fresh one. 


Goats can eat Oregano. You can serve Oregano with other veggies for the goats to make a unique treat. Oregano provides the goats with antioxidants and antibacterials to boost their immune system.