Can Goats Eat Cedar Trees?

Cedar trees are one of the evergreen plants that grows within the garden.

If you have Cedar trees in your immediate environment, you might be wondering if you can suck them to the goats as a treat. 

In this blog post, you are going to discover if goats can actually eat cedar leaves, bark and branches. 

Can goats eat cedar trees? Goats can eat cedar trees but it has to be in moderation. You can shave off some branches of a cedar tree and serve them to the goat as a treat. You use goats to clear off the cedar trees.

There is nothing to worry about if you discover that your goats are eating a Cedar tree within the surrounding area. 

Are cedar trees safe for goats?

This is the first question you need to ask if you are concerned about the wellness of your goats.

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In this case, cedar trees are safe for the goats but you have to control the amount they eat so that they will not gorge. 

Cedar trees do not contain any toxic substance that can harm the health of the goat except when they eat too much of it. 

You all need your pets to always make enquiries about the new treat you want to introduce to them. 

Try to know the level of toxicity in the new treat you want to introduce to them in order to determine if it is good to serve the truth to the goats or not.

You can still manage to serve a case that has little traces of toxic substance in them but it has to be in moderation so that it will not affect the health of the goats.  

It is true that both are capable of eating most things. This is the reason why some people are abusing the nature of the goat. 

With this, some goat owners have turned their pets into garbage cleaners. These goat owners served every table leftovers to the goat without considering the effects on the animals.

This should not be the case with you, you need to know what is in everything you want to serve the goat.

It does not make sense to spend so much resources raising pets only to harm them with what you feed them. 

In order to be more certain about what I’m going to write here, I also went online to research about serving cedar trees to the goat.

I discovered that some members of the homesteady today forums usually serve Cedar trees to the goats and nothing happens to them.

One of them even stated that his goats usually engage in stampedes whenever he wants to serve them with Cedar trees.

How do I introduce cedar trees to my goats?

How you introduce new treats to the goats can also have an impact on their reaction towards the treat. 

So it is advisable to go slow anytime you want to introduce new treats to the goat. there is a chance that they are going to back off if you rush a new treat to them and avoid it completely.

You can introduce a cedar tree to the goat by shaving off a little branch from the tree, put it in the pens for the Goat and watch how they are going to react.

The amount of cedar tree you are going to serve the goat must not be enough to satisfy all of them.

Take for instance, if you have like seven goats in the pen, you can serve them a Cedar tree branch that will satisfy just a few of them.

This technique is going to serve two purposes. it will help to raise their appetite towards the Cedar tree if it happens that they finish everything you served.

On the other hand, you are going to record a little amount of waste if it happens that they reject the cedar tree.

The goats might feel reluctant when you serve the Cedar tree into the feeders for them. 

When this happens, you should not rush and quickly get rid of the Cedar trees. The goats are just checking it out first since they have never seen it before.

The goats may later finish everything you serve if they found it palatable. If it happens that they are just rubbing their heads against it, it shows that they are not interested in having the cedar tree. 

How often do I feed my goats with cedar trees?

Now you know that you can serve cedar trees to the goat, that does not mean that you should go all out and start cutting off the branches and solve the goat regularly.

So that we can be regarded as a treat for the goats. Anything we call treats should not be served regular to the goat and the same thing goes for the Cedar trees. 

It can be very tempting to always want to starve cedar treats regularly if you have them in abundance within the surrounding area.

You need to exercise patience as too many Cedar trees can also lead to bad effects on the health of the goats. With this, cedar trees should not be served more than two times in 30 days for the goat.

Can goats eat cedar tree bark and branches?

I have never fed cedar tree bark and branches to the goats before. But I came across it online in one of the goat forums in which a member wrote a post that is good at eating cedar trees back in branches.

Some other members who responded to the Post stated that nothing will happen to the good so far they eat the bark and branches in moderation.

Can cedar trees cause bloating in goats?

Anything is capable of causing bloating in goats. A goat will experience bloating if they gorge on any treats or feed you serve them. 

The same thing goes for Cedar trees. Goats are going to experience tummy upset if they eat too much of Cedar trees.

Can baby goats eat cedar trees?

No, it is not advisable for baby goats to eat Cedar trees. First the kids are yet to develop teeth to crush the bank in branches of the Cedar trees before they ingest it.

Also, they do not have a vibrant digestive system yet to process all the substances in the Cedar tree.

Another thing is that the tree does not contain protein in its nutritional value and this makes it unsuitable for the kids. The goat kids need more protein when they are growing up.

Other treats you can serve the goats

These are some of healthy treat you can also serve to the gold if it happens that they reject the Cedar tree you serve them


Apples can be served as a treat for goats. Apples are a good source of fiber for the goat. you can serve apples as a rule or you help them to slice into smaller pieces for easy conception


You can also eat watermelon. Watermelon is a good source of vitamins and minerals for the goats. The goats can also eat watermelon rind.


Cabbage is one of the healthy vegetables you can serve people with as a treat. Cabbage is a good source of antioxidants and vitamin C which helps to boost the immune system of the goats. 


Bread is another treat you can serve the goat. Goats are capable of eating wheat bread as well as corn bread. Bread is also a good source of carbohydrates for the goats. 


Goats can eat cedar trees but it has to be in moderation. You can shave off the cedar tree branch and serve it to the goat as a treat. You don’t have to worry if you discover that your goats eat cedar trees while they are browsing around for pasture.