Can Goats Eat Beet Pulp?

Beet pulps are usually generated after processing the sugar beet. 

You must be wondering if you can serve beet pulp to the goat if it happens that you had them in abundance at your disposal.

In this blog post, you are going to discover if you can serve beet pulp to the goats and the baby goats.

Can goats eat beet pulp? Goats can eat beet pulp both raw and soaked one. Beet pulps are good for the goats because they do not contain molasses. The goats get enough fibre from eating beet pulp. 

If you have beet pulp in abundance, you can find a way to incorporate them into the meal plan of the goat. Just make sure you serve beet pulp out to the goat in moderation.

Are beet pulps safe for goats?

Beet Pulps are safe for goats. But it is very important to serve beet pulp to the goat in moderation so as to prevent bloating.

Beet pulps do not contain any poisonous substance that can affect the well-being of the goats. 

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If you truly care about the goats, it is very important to do some research about the new treats you want to introduce to them.

Though the goats are voracious eaters, they are capable of eating most things. 

That does not mean that you can throw anything to them hoping that they are going to finish it without harming them.

It is your duty to determine if the new treat you want to serve them is poisonous for their health. You can do this by checking for the toxicity that can be found in the new treat.

It is not good to treat any of your pets as a garbage cleaner. You should be mindful of anything they are going to eat and watch them closely.

I know someone who loses his goats just because he serves them all types of table scraps and leftovers to the goat

The goats bloat out due to the numerous different things they eat and they eventually die in the process. 

Can I serve buck beet pulp?

You can serve beet pulp to the buck. But you should always serve beet pulp to the buck in moderation.

One thing you should know is that beet pulps are capable of fattening up the buck. Beet pulp you are going to serve them should not be more than a quarter of the entire feed you serve them. 

Make sure you don’t serve beet pulp to the buck regularly. Too much beet pulp can cause urinary calculi in the buck. 

Excessive beet pulp will cause a build-up in the kidney of the goats and cause a kidney stone. This can cause you a lot of time and resources to rectify if your buck eventually develops kidney stones.

How can I introduce beet pulp to my goats?

Introducing beet pulp to the goats should not be very hard for you to do. The important thing is that you need to go slow at first when you are serving them the beet pulp.

Once the goats accept the beet pulp, you can gradually increase the amount you serve them. 

Just place a little portion of beet pulp into the feeder for the goats and watch how they are going to react towards the new treat you serve them.

The goats are going to finish everything you serve in the feeder if they find the beet pulp palatable. 

If the goats are showing interest but not eating it much, you can mix the beet pulp together with alfalfa pellets.

The goats should be able to consume more of the beet pulp from the mixture. Over time you can begin to serve the beet pulp only to the goat.

How often do I feed my goats with beet pulp?

Now you know that it is good to serve beet pulp to the goat as a treat, that does not mean that you should go all out and start serving every beet pulp at your disposal to the goat. 

Beet pulp should not be served regularly to the goat. You should not serve beet pulp to the goats more than 3 times in a week if it happens that you have them in abundance.

It can be very tempting to rely your goat on a certain feed or treat if they are showing enthusiasm every time you serve them.

The case is quite different with the beet pulp. The goats are capable of developing bloating easily when they eat too much of treats that contain fibre. 

Beet pulp should be regarded as a treat because that is what it is.

Can goats eat soaked beet pulp?

The goats can eat soaked beet pulp but you have to be very cautious about this. 

I need to be very honest here, I have never made an attempt to serve soak beet pulp to the goat or any other pets in the yard.

To be more certain about the information I give here, I discuss this with all the experienced goat owners around me. 

One thing I discovered is that some of them serve their goats with soaked beet pulp. 

The only thing I can say about this is that, make sure you serve them a small amount of beet pulp. The stomach of the goat can easily swell up from eating soaked beet pulp as one of them told me.

Serving soaked beet pulp is a matter of option, there is nothing bad in serving beet pulp if you feel like something might happen to them if you serve them soaked one. 

Can baby goats eat beet pulp?

I will advise you not to serve beet pulp to the baby goats especially when they are less than 4 weeks old.

Baby goats need more feed that contains lots of proteins as this will help them to grow fast and develop muscles.

The protein content of the feed you are going to serve baby goats should not be less than 15%.

Why are my goats not eating beet pulp?

There are two outcomes to every new treat you introduce to the goats and other pets you have in the yard.

It’s either the goats accept the new treats and finish everything when you serve it to them or reject it outright.

The goats are going to reject the beet pulp if they don’t find it palatable. You will see the goats sniffing and nodding their heads when they don’t like a treat you serve them. 

One thing people don’t know is that goats can be very selective in anything they eat. 

Goats usually follow their instincts and they are going to reject anything if their body systems don’t respond well to it. 

I know it can be very frustrating when you discover that your goat is not eating the treat you serve them when other goats which belong to different owners are eating that particular treat. 

The true sense of it is that there is nothing you can do to change their reactions. You just have to accept fate and look for other treats which you can serve the goats. 

Health benefits of beet pulp to the goats

Beet pulp is very rich in fibre. The fibre that is contained in beet pulps is digestible. This means that the rate of digestion process in gold will improve if they are consuming beet Pulps. 

This is the major reason why you see goats that feed on beet pulp are usually fat and look chubby. 

Other treats you can serve the goats

These are some of other healthy treats you can serve to the goat to boost their meal plan.


Cabbage is a healthy vegetable for the goas and can be served as a treat. Cabbage offers a lot of essential vitamins and minerals for the goats.


The goats are capable of eating bread. You can simply buy bread from the store and serve it to the goat as a treat. But you should avoid serving moldy bread to the goat. 


The goat likes Corn. The goats can also eat corn on the cobs. The goats are capable of eating dried corn but you should always serve them the fresh ones.


Beet pulp is good for the goat. Beet pulp is a good source of fibre for the goat. You can serve beet pulp alone or together with alfalfa pellets for the goat.

Goats are capable of eating soaked beet pulp. Always make sure you serve beet pulp to the goats in moderation.