Can Ducks Eat Rabbit Food?

Are you thinking of serving rabbit food to the ducks? If your answer to this questions is yes, then I will urge you to keep reading to discover the answer to your question.

In this blog post, you are going to discover if you can serve ducks some rabbit food. You are also going to discover if ducks can survive on rabbit food only.

Can ducks eat rabbit food? Ducks can eat rabbit food as well as rabbit pellets. Rabbit food does not contain elements that can mess up the ducks. It is advisable to serve rabbit food in moderation to the ducks.

Therefore there is nothing to worry about if you discover that your ducks are eating rabbit food coming out of the hutch.

Is rabbit food poisonous to ducks?

I need to tell you that rabbit food does not pose any danger to the body system of ducks. You just have to ensure that they consume it in moderation. 

This is the first question which is supposed to come to your mind anytime you discover that the new treat can be fed to ducks and other pets you have in the yard. 

Photo by Gokul Barman from Pexels

Just because you heard from some other people that a certain treat is good for your pets does not mean that you should start serving the treat if you have them at your disposal. 

You must do your own findings and make a little research. You can go online to see what people are saying about feeding the treats to pets.

You can also ask some other pet owners around you about that particular treat. Try to determine the level of toxicity in the new treat before anything else.

There is no point in causing harm for your pet with the new treat you are serving them due to carelessness. 

In order to be more certain about this, I did a little research to see if other pet owners are serving rabbit food to the ducks.

A member of backyard chickens who goes by the name okiechicks57 said his chickens and ducks usually eat rabbit food that falls from the rabbit hutch. 

He further said the birds do not show any sign of sickness since the time they have been eating the rabbit food.

Another member said he has a friend who serves rabbit pellets to the ducks as a source of Green for the birds.

Can ducks eat rabbit pellets?

Majority of rabbit pellets are made of grasses. So it is safe to serve rabbit pellets to the ducks provided they are still fresh. 

I will advise you to serve them a little portion at first just to observe how they are going to react towards the rabbit pellets you serve them. 

Can I feed ducks rabbit food?

You can feed the ducks rabbit food if you have enough of them at your disposal. But it should be done in moderation and should not be served frequently.

Better still you can mix the rabbit feed with some of the other treats you normally serve the ducks. This will ensure that you are on the server side with the feed you want to give the ducks.

How do I introduce rabbit food to the ducks?

Introducing run rabbit food to the ducks should not be complicated. If you are raising ducks and rabbits together in the same yard. 

There is a high chance that the ducks might have tried out the rabbit food in the past without you knowing.

You can just serve them a little portion in the feeder and watch how the ducks are going to react towards the rabbit food.

They are going to finish everything you put in the feeder for them if it happens that they are interested in the treat you just serve them.

How often do I feed my ducks with rabbit food?

One thing I can say is that you should regard rabbit food as a treat for the ducks. This means it is not something you serve to the ducks on a regular basis.

I think the best thing is to serve rabbit food to the ducks once in a while. This will give room for other treats you serve the ducks if you serve the rabbit food on occasion.

Can ducks survive on rabbit food alone?

If you truly care about the life of your ducks, you should never make it a habit of serving them a particular food for a long time and the same thing goes for rabbit food.

There may be some situation whereby the feed of your ducks have been exhausted and you have rabbit food in abundance. 

You might be tempted to serve rabbit food to the ducks regularly but you should resist the urge.

This is the reason why it is very important to have varieties of treats you serve to your pets so that they are not going to survive based on a particular treat. 

Can ducklings eat rabbit food?

Ducklings can eat rabbit food once they are 4 weeks old and above. But I am not going to recommend you to serve rabbit food to the ducklings.

Another thing is that rabbit food does not have enough calcium in their nutritional facts. 

On the other hand, ducklings need more calcium in order to maintain strong bone and skeletal structure in their body system. Therefore it is not good enough to serve rabbit food for the ducklings.

Other treats you can serve the ducks.

In case your ducks reject the rabbit food you serve them, these are some of healthy treats you can shut them


Cabbage is one of the healthy vegetables you can serve the ducks. Cabbage is a good source of vitamins and minerals for the ducks. You can serve cabbage in the water or put it in the feeder for your ducks.


Lettuce is another healthy vegetable you can serve your ducks. Lettuce is a good source of antioxidants for ducks. You can slice the lettuce into smaller pieces before you start the ducks.


Ducks also like pumpkin. Pumpkin is one of the favorites among the birds. It is good to break the pumpkin into smaller pieces before you serve the ducks.


Ducks also like corn. Corn is a good source of energy for the ducks. But ducks cannot eat corn on the cobs. Corn can be served alone or together with other treats for your birds.


Flesh is the only part of tomato that should serve the ducks. Other parts like leaves, vine and root are poisonous.

Toxic treats you should not serve ducks.

If you are a new duck owner, it is good to know some of our other toxic treats which you should not serve your ducks.


You should never serve bread for the ducks. The reason is that the ducks can overfeed on it and this is going to cause a great problem on their crops. 


Onions are one of the treats you should never serve ducks. Onions are capable of causing diarrhea in the body system of the ducks. 


Just like any other bird, avocados are not a good treat for ducks. . 


You can serve rabbit food for the ducks but it should be in moderation. Rabbit food should be served to the ducks once in a while. You can serve rabbit food alone or together with other treats for the ducks.