Can Ducks Eat Peaches?

Peaches are one of those fruits that grows in the garden.

If you have peaches in abundance at your disposal, and you are raising ducks as pets, you might be wondering if you can serve peaches to the ducks. 

In this blog post, you are going to discover if you can serve peaches to the ducks as a treat or not.  

Can goats eat peaches? Ducks can eat peaches but you should serve them in moderation. Peaches can be served for the ducks as a treat. Peaches are a good source of antioxidants for the ducks. 

You can serve peaches to the ducks alone or together with all the treats you have for the ducks. Just make sure you take off the peels and the seed before serving the fruit. 

Are peaches poisonous to ducks?

Peaches can be poisonous to the ducks if you serve them in excess. The reason is that peaches contain a little amount of cyanide in them and this can harm the ducks if they consume it in large amounts.

As a duck owner, it is your duty to always do little research about the new treat you want to introduce to the ducks and other birds you have in the yard. 

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You don’t just feed them anything if you truly care about their health and well-being. Try to know the level of toxicity of any treat you want to introduce to them.

The type of feed you serve the ducks and all the pets will determine their level of growth and health.

Make sure the treats you are going to serve the ducks are nourished and have no toxic substance. 

The treat you are going to serve the ducks should include some of the essential vitamins and minerals in order to improve their wellness

How do I introduce peaches to the ducks?

It is important to do things with care if you want to introduce new treats to the ducks. Introducing peaches to the ducks shouldn’t be a problem if you follow the right procedure. 

You have to start slowly with the treat you want to introduce to the ducks at first. You can do this by giving them a small portion of peaches.

You peel off the skin and mash the peaches into smaller pieces before you put it in the feeders for the ducks.

The amount of peaches you are going to put in the figure should not be enough for all of them if it happens that they like the treats you introduce to them.

Take for instance, if you have about seven dogs and ducklings in the yard, you can serve them peaches that would be enough for about three of them.

You are going to achieve two things with this technique. if it happens that they accept the treat you introduce, the little amount they eat will not be enough for them and it will raise their appetizer. 

This will make the ducks look out for more but it is good not to serve them another round of peaches.

On the other hand, you are going to have less waste if the ducks do not accept the new treat introduced to them, in this case it is peaches.

You can serve peaches together with some of their favourite treats, for example apples, so that it will be easier for them to get familiar with the peaches. 

How often do I feed my ducks with peaches?

As you have already discovered that you can feed peaches to the ducks, that does not mean that you should always serve them peaches. 

You should treat peaches as it is because it is one. It means you cannot serve peaches to the ducks regularly let alone allow them to rely on it. 

If you have peaches in abundance in the garden, you should not serve the fruit more than two times in a week.

Remember peaches have small traces of cyanide, so you should always feed them with the fruit in moderation. 

Both Ducks and ducklings need more protein in their feed in order to grow properly. Peaches has less protein in their nutritional facts she can only serve once in a while for the ducks.

Why are my ducks not eating peaches?

Dogs are going to reject the peaches if they don’t find it palatable. It can be very frustrating when your pets reject a certain treat you serve them and you know that other ducks are eating the same treat.

No matter what you can’t force it on them. You just have to look for some other ways to make use of the peaches you have rather than serving them to the ducks.

Health benefits of peaches to the ducks

Ducks are going to derive a lot of health benefits from eating peaches. 

Peaches are rich in Fibre. Fibre helps to improve the rate of digestion in the ducks. 

The ducks are going to derive Vitamin C from eating peaches. This vitamin C serves as an antioxidant which helps to get rid of free radical elements in the body system of the ducks. 

Vitamin A is also found in peaches. Vitamin A helps to improve the ability of the ducks to see clearly at night and in the dark. 

Vitamin E can also be found in peaches. It can also help to boost the immune system of the ducks. 

Other treats you can serve the ducks. 

These are some of other healthy treats you can serve the ducks when their main feed has been exhausted. 


Lettuce is one of the healthy Vegetables which you can serve to the ducks as a treat. You can put the lettuce on the fruit hanger for the ducks to snack on. Lettuce is a good source of the essential nutrients to the ducks. 


Corn is one of the favourite treats of the ducks and other birds in the yard. It is good to always serve fresh corn to the ducks. Corn is a good source of energy for the ducks. 


Cucumber is also good for the ducks. Cucumber can be served alone for the ducks. You need to chop the cucumber into smaller pieces so the ducks would be able to consume it easily. 


Cabbage is another good treat which you can serve the ducks. Cabbage can be served with other vegetables for ducks. Some people serve cooked cabbage for the ducks. 


Peaches are safe for ducks but make sure you serve the fruits to the ducks in moderation. This is very vital as peaches contains cyanide. Ducks may experience gastrointestinal disorder which can lead to foul poop if they eat too much of peaches.