Can Ducks Eat Garlic?

Garlic has a lot of medicinal properties and people make use of it in various ways to cure ailments.

If you have some garlic at your disposal, you might be wondering if you can include it into the feed you serve the ducks.

In this blog post, you are going to discover if you can serve garlic to the ducks as a treat or not. 

Can ducks eat garlic? Ducks can eat garlic. Make sure you chop garlic into smaller pieces before you serve the ducks. Garlic enhances the duck’s immune system to fight respiratory infection during the winter. 

It is good to plant garlic in the garden so as to have something to serve the chickens and the ducks during the winter. 

Is garlic safe for ducks?

Garlic is safe for the ducks. Garlic helps to build the immune system and prevent infection of respiratory organs of the ducks and other birds you have in the garden. 

You can easily mix the garlic to some of the feeds you give the ducks on a regular basis. 

Image by Gabriella Mendes

You can also serve garlic alone to the birds and they are going to eat the amount that will satisfy them. You only need to chop the garlic in small pieces so as to make it easier for them to consume when they are eating. 

You must always ensure that whatever you serve the ducks is not poisonous and safe for their well-being. 

To be more certain about this, I also asked some of my friends who are also raising ducks and other birds in the yard. 

The majority of them said that garlic is a good serve for the ducks but it has to be in moderation. 

One of them told me that he usually floats garlic in their water and he mixes the garlic powder together with their feed. 

Another one said that usually tosses a few cloves of garlic to the ducks and nothing happens to the duck since he has been feeding them the garlic. 

It is very essential to know the level of toxicity of the treat you want to serve your ducks and ducklings. 

Do you not serve any treats to the ducks until you know the nutritional value which the treat will offer the ducks. 

This will help to avoid food poisoning whenever you want to serve the ducks a new treat. 

How do I introduce garlic to the ducks?

There is nothing complicated when it comes to introducing garlic to the ducks. There are different ways you can go about introducing garlic to the ducks. 

If your ducks manage to eat fruits like apples, cucumber, pumpkin etc it would be pretty much easier for them to eat garlic when you serve it to them. 

You can get some cloves of garlic, chop them into smaller pieces and put it in the feeders for the ducks. 

You may also meet the chopped garlic together with some of their feed so that it will be much easier for them to consume.

Just ensure that you are serving them the garlic in moderation. Excessive garlic consumption can cause a serious effect in their body systems.

You can also try and put some of the garlic clove in the water they drink if it happens that they are not consuming the garlic directly from the feeder.

How often do I feed my ducks with garlic?

Now it is clear to you that you can serve garlic to the ducks, that does not mean that you should go all out and start serving them every garlic that you have at your disposal.

If you truly care about the well-being of your ducks, the majority of the treat you are going to serve the ducks must be in moderation and this include garlic too.

Serving garlic to the ducks two times in a week is enough to boost their immune system and prevent them from respiratory disease which usually occurs in the winter.

I know it can be very tempting to start serving the garlic to the ducks most of the time especially when you have them in abundance.

But it is very important to be cautious and exercise control when it comes to serving treats to the ducks and other birds you have in the yard.

Can ducks survive on garlic alone?

You should never allow your ducks to rely on garlic alone even if the main feed you serve them has been exhausted.

You are going to deprive your ducks of some essential vitamins and minerals if you are serving only garlic to them.

Garlic lacks some essential vitamins that are essential for the proper growth and well-being of the duck.

For instance, garlic lacks calcium which is essential for strong and healthy bones in ducks. This is the reason why you need some other treats to serve along for the ducks.

It is even better to serve the ducks some vegetables if it happens that the feed you serve them has been exhausted. 

This is the reason why you need to have varieties of healthy treats which you can serve the ducks. These treats are going to stand in for the main feed you serve the ducks until you get another one for them.

Can ducks eat garlic bread?

It is a bad idea to feed the ducks with bread of any kind. You should never make an attempt to serve garlic bread to the ducks unless you want them to get choked. 

Ducks do not find it easy to swallow bread whenever they have some snack on it. Therefore, you should never attempt to serve garlic bread to the ducks because it sticks to their throats.

Can ducklings eat garlic?

Well I will not advise you to feed garlic to the ducklings. I know it can be beneficial to their body systems and their health in general.

But one thing which is my concern is their digestive system. Garlic has a strong oxidation substance in its contents and this can be very powerful for the digestive system of the ducklings. 

Other treats you can serve the ducks. 

It is going to have varieties of healthy treats which you can serve the ducks in case the medicated feed you serve them has finished. Here are some of the healthy treats which you can serve the ducks. 


Pineapple is one of the healthy treats which we can serve the ducks. 

Pineapple offers essential vitamins for the ducks and ducklings. You can help them to chop the pineapple into smaller sizes for easy conception.


Lettuce is one of the other vegetables which you can serve to the ducks as a treat. You can serve lettuce alone or together with other treats. 


Cucumber is good for the ducks. It offers them essential minerals that improve the wellness of the ducks. Ducklings can also eat cucumbers once they reach the age of 4 weeks and above. 


Cilantro is another healthy treat which you can serve the ducks. Cilantro can be served alone or together with other treats for the ducks. Just make sure you serve cilantro to the ducks in moderation. 


Garlic is good and safe for the ducks. You can serve it directly into the feeders with other feed for the ducks. You can also put it in the water they drink. 

Garlic is best served to the ducks during the winter as it helps to boost their immune system and prevent common respiratory infection.