Can Ducks Eat Barley?

Barley is one of the plants that grow in the garden and has medicinal properties. 

If you have some barley at your disposal, and you are raising ducks, you might be wondering if you can serve barley to the ducks as a treat. 

In this blog post, you are going to discover if it is safe to serve barley to the ducks as a treat or not. 

Can ducks eat barley? Barley is good for ducks. You can serve barley to the ducks as a treat. Barney is a good source of fiber for the ducks. Barley can be mixed with other food for the ducks. 

You should never hesitate to serve barley to the ducks if it happens that you have them in abundance at your disposal.

Is barley safe for ducks?

This should be the first question that will come to your mind anytime you want to introduce new treats to the ducks and other pets you have in the yard.

Just because you heard that other pet owners are claiming that a particular treat is good for the pet does not mean that you should go ahead and start serving the same treats to your pets. 

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You need to do some research first and determine if the truth is actually safe for the pets before you start serving it to them.

In this case, Barley is good for the ducks and it offers lots of essential benefits for their well-being.

Barley can be served alone or together with other feeds you serve the ducks as a treat because it is versatile. 

You need to determine the level of toxicity present in the new treat you want to serve the ducks. 

The level of toxicity will determine how often you should solve the treats to the ducks. 

In order to be certain about this, I also asked some other duck owners about serving barley to the ducks. 

A member of the poultry keepers forum said that his ducks like barley and he used it as a replacement for wheat when he was serving treats to the ducks.

You just need to serve barley to the ducks in moderation. It might be very difficult for their digestive system to break barley if they consume it in large quantities. 

How do I introduce barley to the ducks?

There is nothing complicated when it comes to introducing Barley to the ducks. But you need to go slow at first when you want to serve barley to the ducks for the first time. 

You start by serving small quantities of barley into the feeders for the ducks and watch their reaction towards the treat you serve.

The small quantities of barley you serve come with two purposes. First, it will help to raise the appetites of the ducks towards the treat.

Second, you are going to have little waste if it happens that the ducks reject the treat you serve them.

If the ducks do not accept the barley on direct serving, you can mix them with other feed and see their response. 

How often do I feed my ducks with barley?

It can be very exciting when you discover that a certain treat can be served to the ducks and you have them in abundance at your disposal.

You might be tempted to start serving the treats to the ducks regularly and this can lead to over feeding if care is not taken. 

You need to be careful as over feeding of barley to the ducks can disrupt the normal process of their digestive systems.

Barley should not be served more than two times in a week to the ducks even if you have them in abundance. 

Can ducks survive on barley alone?

It is a bad practice to serve a particular treat to the ducks for a long period of time. 

This can lead to constipation in their digestive systems which may result in some other severe effects on their well-being. 

I agree that there may be a situation whereby the medicated feed you serve the pet has been exhausted and you can’t just leave them on an empty stomach.

This is one of the reasons you should have varieties of treats which you can serve ducks in case the normal feed you serve them has been exhausted.

Apart from fiber, Barley do not have all the essential nutrients needed for the well-being of the ducks. 

This makes it a bad idea to serve barley only to the ducks for a long time.

Can ducklings eat barley?

I will not advise you to serve barley to the ducklings. There are so many reasons for this though they are capable of eating when they clock 4 weeks old and above.

Barley lacks a good supply of protein in its nutritional facts. Whereas, ducklings need enough protein so that they can develop properly. 

Ducklings also need protein in order to grow enough feathers on their body. 

Also, barley does not come with enough calcium and the ducklings need calcium to develop a strong bone structure in their body.

Why are my ducks not eating barley?

Ducks are going to reject the barley you serve them if they don’t find it palatable. even they are going to ignore it when you try to mix it with other food you serve them.

This can be worrisome when other duck owners claim that their pets eat barley and do not fall sick as a result. 

You should know that each duck has a unique body system and this makes them react differently to certain treats. 

Other treats you can serve the ducks. 

In case your ducks reject barley, these are some healthy treats you can serve them instead. 


Carrots are one of the healthy treats you can give the ducks. Ducks derive vitamin A from carrots. You can slice the carrots into pieces  for easy consumption.  


Cucumber is also good for the ducks. Cucumber is a good source of antioxidants for ducks and other birds. Just take off the peels before you serve the cucumber.


Ducks can also eat tomatoes though they belong to the nightshade family. However, it is only the fruit you should serve the ducks. 


bananas are one of the healthy treats you can serve the ducks and other birds in the yard. Bananas provide the ducks with fiber. 


Apples are one of the fruits you can serve the ducks. You can also serve apples to the ducklings. You need to also slice the apples into pieces for the ducks. 


Barley is good for ducks. Barley provides the ducks with fiber. You should always serve barley in moderation for the ducks even when they are showing more love. You can replace wheat with barley for the ducks.