Can Chickens Eat Yams?

Yams are versatile and can be prepared in various ways. Yams are one of the foods that provide us with carbs and energy. 

If you prepare yams regularly for the family, you must be wondering if it is safe to serve yams as a treat for the chickens.

In this blog post, you are going to discover if it is safe to serve yams for the chickens as a treat. You will also learn how to go about it.

Can chickens eat yams? Chickens can eat cooked yam. You can serve cooked yam you prepare at home for the chickens. Chickens can not eat yam peels. 

Are yams safe for the chickens?

Yams are safe for the chickens provided you serve them the cooked ones. Yams do not contain any toxic substance which can harm the chickens. 

It is your duty to always engage in findings and research about the new trees you want to introduce to the chickens.

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It is not good enough to just pick up any treat and start serving them for the chickens just because they can eat it.

You need to first determine if the treat contains any toxic substance. This will ensure that you did not serve something poisonous for the chickens. 

There is no point in feeding the chickens any treat out of ignorance. This is the fastest way to harm your chickens. 

Can chickens eat yam peels?

Yam peels are not edible for the chickens. Yam skins contain some fibrous spots on them and this can be harmful for the chickens if they consume them.

Therefore, always ensure that you get rid of the skinny whenever you want to serve yam for the chickens and serve them the tuber inside only. 

How do I introduce yams to my chickens?

I don’t think you should encounter any problem if you want to introduce yams to the chicken provided you have been serving them something like sweet potatoes.

You need to first prepare the yams to make them edible for the chickens. 

You can choose the boiling method and you can also deep-fry the yams before you serve them before you serve them. 

You can also mash the yam to make them soft before you serve them for the chickens.

After that you can then put a little amount of the yam in the feeder for the chickens and watch how they are going to react towards the yam. 

The chickens are definitely going to finish everything if they find the cooked yam you serve in the feeder palatable. 

How much yam can I serve the chickens?

There is no particular amount of young you need to serve the chickens. But I am going to say you should serve yam for the chickens in moderation. 

Can I serve yam for the chickens everyday?

Yam should be regarded as a treat. There is no way yam would replace the main feed you serve the chickens. 

This means you can only serve cooked yams for the chicken once in a while. It can be very tempting if you have yams in abundance, but you need to exercise patience and never go overboard with it.

Can chicks eat yams?

Cooked yan should not be part of the things you are going to serve the chicks in their early stages. 

They need feed that will provide them with enough protein so that they are going to develop properly and grow some feathers on their body.

You can only serve cooked yams for the chicks when they are 9 weeks old and above. Their digestive system we’ll handle something like you have if you have them.

Health benefits of yams to the chickens

Yam is a good source of carbohydrates which provide energy for the chickens. Yam is also a good source of protein but they offer less compared to other food like beans. 

Other treats you can serve the chickens

You should have varieties of treats you serve the chickens to boost their meal plan. These are some of the treats you can serve the chickens


Banana is one of the fruits you can serve the chicken as a treat. Banana provides the chickens with vitamin B and fiber. You can serve fresh bananas for the chickens as well as the grilled ones. 


You can also serve apples for the chickens as a treat. Apples are a good source of fiber and vitamin C for the chickens. 

You should take off the skins and cut the apples into smaller cubes before you serve them for the chickens as a treat. 


Cabbage is one of the vegetables you can solve the chickens as a treat. Cabbage provides the chickens with antioxidants which helps to boost their immune system. 


Watermelon is one of the fruits which you can serve the chickens as a treat. 

Chickens can eat reddish fruits inside the watermelon as well as watermelon rind. You need to take away the seeds whenever you want to serve watermelons for the chickens.


Pumpkin is one of the fruits that are suitable for chickens. You need to break down the pumpkins before you serve them for the chickens. Take away the sheet and cut them into smaller pieces.

Scrambled eggs

Chickens are capable of eating some of the things we consume. So if you serve them some scrambled eggs they are going to eat it without hesitation. 

Next time you can decide to prepare scrambled eggs for the chickens and they will like it.


Chickens can eat cooked yams. You can serve cooked yams as a treat for the chickens. Yams provide the chickens with carbs and energy. Try to peel off the skin on yams before you start them for the chickens.