Can Chickens Eat Lemongrass?

Some people use lemongrass to cure illness. Planting lemongrass keeps snakes and bugs away from the environment.

If you have lemongrass within the surrounding area, you might be wondering if it is good for the chickens to eat lemongrass if they go on free range.

In this blog post, you are going to discover if it is safe for the chickens to consume lemongrass.

Can chickens eat lemongrass? Chickens can eat lemongrass when they are free range. In fact, chickens are going to benefit more when they consume lemongrass. It provides the chicken with antioxidants.

Is lemongrass safe for chickens?

Lemongrass is safe for the chickens. Lemongrass do not contain any toxic substance that can harm the well-being of the chickens.

Photo by Tuấn Kiệt Jr.

If you are allowed the chickens to go on a free range around the compound, they are going to have some pecks on the lemongrass.

It is essential to always observe whatever you are going to serve the chickens as a treat. 

You can just start throwing anything at the chickens without making some enquiries about them. 

The same thing goes for the leftovers. There are some foods which chickens are going to eat but are not good for their health. 

You should be certain that whatever you want to serve them will not affect the health of the chickens. 

it is not a good practice to serve something out of ignorance for the chickens. This is one of the easiest ways to harm the chickens.

You can also use lemongrass as beddings for the chickens. The scent of the lemongrass helps to prevent snakes from getting into the Coop. 

Is lemongrass oil safe for chickens?

Lemongrass essential oils are safe for the chickens. Some people place lemongrass essential oil closer to the eggs laid by the chickens to prevent snakes around them in the Coop. 

How do I introduce lemongrass to my chickens?

There is nothing special about introducing lemongrass to the chickens. Unlike other feed, you cannot put the lemongrass into the feeders for the chickens to try out. 

The only thing you can do is to allow the chickens to have a free range around lemongrass. If they like the grass they are going to have some pecks on the leaves. 

How often do I feed my chickens with lemongrass?

Sometimes the chickens only choose a number of times they are going to feed a certain treat or leave. 

Lemongrass is not ranked among the favorite plants eaten by the chicken. So they are going to eat lemongrass once in a while when they come across it. 

Can lemongrass have an effect on the eggs laid by the chickens?

Lemongrass is one of the plants with a strong scent. It can affect the egg laid by the chickens if it happens that they consume lemongrass a lot. You can have a scent of lemongrass when you break the egg laid by the chickens.

Can chicks eat lemongrass?

I would not advise you to serve or allow chicks to feed on lemongrass.

Medicated feed which contains a large proportion of the essential nutrients should be served for the chicks in their early stage. 

Whatever you are going to serve the chicks must contain a high proportion of protein. They need enough protein to grow feathers on their body. 

Other treats you can serve the chickens

These are some of the healthy fruits and food items you can serve the chickens as a treat. You can serve those who look alike together. 


Apples are one of the fruits you can serve the chickens as a treat. Apples provide the chickens with vitamins and minerals. 

You need to take off the skin when serving apples for the chickens. Just ensure to get rid of the seeds before you serve apples for the chickens. 


You can also serve bread for the chickens as a treat. Fresh bread should be sad for the chickens all the time. 

Let the bread you are going to serve the chickens be moderate so that they are not going to choke on it. 

Cooked rice

Cooked rice is another great treat you can serve the chickens. If you have some leftovers at home, you can serve them for the chickens as a treat. 

They will be more than happy to consume everything. It doesn’t really matter if the cooked rice has some sauce on it.


You can also serve bananas for the chickens as a treat. Bananas are soft and they are going to finish it in a time especially when they are hungry. 

You just need to take off the skins on the banana before you serve them for the chickens. 

Mashed potatoes

You can also serve mashed potatoes for the chickens as a treat. The chickens are going to have perks on the mash potato you serve them. 

You can have the leftover mashed potato for the chickens instead of packing them in the waste bin. 

Treats that are poisonous to the chickens

It is equally important to know some of the traits that are capable of causing cramps for the chickens when you serve them. 

Apple seed

Apple seeds are bad for the chickens. Apple seeds contain toxic substances that can cause tummy upsets in chickens. Always take away the apple seeds before you serve the fruit for the chickens. 

Moldy food

It is true that chickens are capable of eating most things we consume as food. That does not mean that you should serve them Moldy food. Moldy foods contain bacteria and they can have effects on the chicken.  


Avocado should not be part of the things you are going to serve the chickens as a treat. Avocados contain toxic substances which can affect the chickens. 


Chickens are capable of eating lemon grass when they are on free range. Lemongrass is a good source of antioxidants. 

It also helps to improve the rate of digestion if the chickens manage to eat the leaves. You can also put lemongrass in the Coop to prevent snakes from stealing the eggs of the chickens.