Can Chickens Eat Lasagna?

Lasagna is a delicious pastry which forms part of our meal.

You might be wondering maybe you can serve lasagna to the chickens if it happens that we have some left over.

In this blog post, you are going to discover if it is safe to serve lasagna to the chickens as a treat. 

Can chickens eat lasagna? Chickens can eat lasagna. You can serve lasagna to the chickens as a treat if you have some leftovers. Meaty lasagna provides the chickens with enough protein.

You can simply reserve some lasagna you made at home for your chicken as a treat. They are willing to take it on anytime you serve it. 

Is lasagna safe for chickens?

This is the first question you should always ask whenever you think of serving new treats to the chickens.

Lasagna is safe for the chickens. You can serve homemade lasagna to the chickens whenever you prepare one for your family.

Photo by Ioan Bilac from Pexels

You just have to let it be moderate whenever you want to serve lasagna and any other pastry to the chickens.

You should know that whatever you can consume, chicken can also consume the same as well if you sell them.

But that does not prevent you from making enquiry and doing some research about the new treat you want to serve the chickens.

In order to be more subtle about this, I went online to do little research about serving lasagna to the chickens as a treat.

A member of backyard chickens said is chicken usually finish lasagna anytime inside them. 

One of the members even claim that is chicken usually fight the dogs over lasagna and the chicken is usually win and take all the goodies. 

It is very important to be cautious whenever you want to serve new treats to the chickens. 

You need to be sure that the treat does not contain any toxic substance that can harm the chickens. 

How do I introduce lasagna to my chickens?

Now it is clear to you that you can serve lasagna to the chickens. This does not mean you should go all out and start throwing every leftover lasagna you have to the chickens.

You have to go slow at first whenever you want to introduce new treats to the chickens.

In the case of lasagna, I don’t think you should encounter any problem when you want to introduce eat to the chickens.

It will be easier if you have been serving your chickens different kinds of pastry in the past. 

You can put a little portion of lasagna into the field as for the chicken and watch how they are going to react.

It will take them no time to finish everything you serve in the feeder if they found the lasagna appealing.

You can even mix the lasagna with other pastries for the chickens as a treats. This will even make it easier for them to consume without discriminating. 

How often do I feed my chickens with lasagna?

You might agree with me that a treat can have an adverse effect on the chickens if you overfeed them with it.

As a result of this, it is very essential to know how often you need to feed a certain treat to the chickens. 

This will give you opportunity to come up with a good meal plan for the chickens. 

Another thing is that, it can be very tempting to always serve a particular treats to the chickens if it you have them in abundance. 

In this case, lasagna should be regarded as a treat, that is you don’t serve them regularly to the chickens even if you have them in abundance. 

Lasagna should not be serve more than two times in a month to the chickens. 

This will prevent any adverse effects that may occur if you feed lasagna to the chickens regularly. 

Another thing is that it will give room for other treats and leftovers on the meal plan for the chickens. 

Can chicks eat lasagna?

I will not advise you to serve lasagna to the chicks. Lasagna do not contain all the essential nutrients needed for proper growth and development of the chicks. 

The chicks need more protein at the early stage. Protein enhances the growth of the chicks. 

The chicks also grow feather faster when they have enough protein in their body systems. Last time I checked, lasagna do not have enough protein that can serve the chicks. 

Why are my chickens not eating lasagna?

It can be a thing of concern for a new chicken owners if they are pets reject a certain treats commonly eaten by other chickens. 

You should know that the chicken is possess unique body systems. This makes them to react in different way to a particular treat. 

This can also happen when you serve lasagna to the chickens. You might have some of your chickens that will reject the lasagna you serve. 

This is normal as their body systems are not responding very well to the treat and they are going to reject it as a result. 

Health benefits of lasagna to the chickens

The chickens are going to derive protein from meaty lasagna you solve them. Protein is very essential for the proper growth of the birds in the yard. It also improve the rate of laying eggs in some chickens. 

Other treats you can serve the chickens

The following are some of the treat you can serve the chickens if it happens that they reject the lasagna you serve


Peanuts are one of the healthy treats you can serve the chickens. Peanuts provides the chicken with protein which is very essential for their growth. 


Watermelon is another treat you can serve the chickens. The chickens can also eat the inner part of watermelon rind. Watermelon provides the chicken with essential vitamins and minerals.


Apples are a good source of fibre for the chickens. The chickens like to have peck on the apples. You can serve apples alone or together with other treat for the chickens. 


You can serve your chickens bread if you have some leftovers at home. Bread provides the chicken with carbohydrates. But it is not advisable to serve them the chocolate spread. It usually cause stomach upset in chickens.


Lettuce is one of the healthy vegetables you can serve the chickens as a treat. Lettuce provides the chickens with vitamin C and other essential minerals needed for the well-being of the chickens. 


Chickens can eat lasagna. Next time you have some lasagna leftovers, instead of tossing them into the waste bin, you can simply serve them to the chickens and they will be more than happy to finish everything you serve. Remember moderation is the key when feeding the chickens.