Can Chickens Eat Granola?

Granola is one of the breakfast side dishes and it offers good taste.

If you have some leftover granola as table scraps, and you are raising chickens as backyard pets, you might be wondering if you can serve them to the chickens as a treat.

In this blog post, you are going to discover if it is good to serve granola to the chickens as a treat. 

Can chickens eat granola? Chickens can eat granola. You can serve granola in moderation as a treat. Granola can be served together with other treats for the chickens. 

Next time you are having some leftover granolas after breakfast, instead of tossing them into the waste bin, you can simply serve them to the chickens as a treat.

Is granola safe for chickens?

Granola is safe for the chickens provided you serve it in moderation to the chickens. 

Some types of granola contain sugar as one of the major ingredients and if you serve them to the chickens, it can cause a great effect on their body systems.

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We also have some granola which has honey as one of the major ingredients. If this is what you have, you still need to serve it in moderation to the chickens. Though Honey does not have much bad effects on the body system of the chickens. 

This is the reason why you need to always research about the new treat you want to see the chickens. 

Well-being of your pet should be your priority and this is the reason why you should always inquire about the new treat you want to serve them.

You need to determine if the treat contains a toxic substance that can harm the body system of the chickens. 

You can have some of your friends who are serving a certain treat to the chickens but can put the lives of the chickens at great risk without them knowing.

Just because they are serving a treat to the chickens does not mean that you should go ahead and do the same thing without doing research.

It can be very painful when we discover that the cause of illness in the chicken is as a result of the treat we serve them. So you need to do your best to avoid something like this by researching the new treat before you give the chickens. 

How do I introduce granola to my chickens?

Granola might appear strange to the chickens if it happens that you don’t always serve them grains before.

You need to start small whenever you want to introduce granola to the chickens. You suck them a little portion of granola into the feeder and watch how they are going to be asked towards the treat.

Two things may likely occur after you serve granola to the chickens. The chickens might appear reluctant as they are unsure of how the treat will taste. 

When this happens, do not rush and quickly take the granola away from the chickens. They may later check it out and finish everything you serve in the feeder.

They will first check the treat out and see if it is good for them. Second, they are going to reject it if they don’t like the granola. 

How do you feed chickens granola?

Feeding granola to the chickens is straightforward. Gather the granola leftover you want to serve the chickens and put them in the feeders. 

The chickens are going to finish everything if they find the taste of the granola you serve palatable. 

You can mix granola with other grains for chickens so as to make it easier for them to get familiar with the granola.

How often do I feed my chickens with granola?

Some chicken owners do not care about the number of times they need to serve a certain treat to the chickens.

Once they discover that the treat is good for the chickens and they have it in abundance at home, they go all out and start serving the treats to the chickens regularly.

It is easy to harm the chickens and cause a series of effects on their body system with this practice.

As for granola, you should never serve it more than two times in a month for the chickens even if you always have it regularly at home.

Can chickens survive on granola only?

There is no way the chickens will survive on granola only. The reason is that it offers a little nutrients to the chickens and it lacks some essential ones.

The chickens need a regular supply of balanced diets and good treats in order to always remain healthy.

You can feed granola to the chickens for a while if it happens that the medicated feed you serve them has been exhausted.

But it is good to have other healthy treats which you serve the chicken regularly so that it will not be only granola that you are going to serve them till you get another feed.

Can chicks eat granola?

You should not serve granola to the chicks due to the low amount of nutritional value it offers. 

Chicks need more protein in their feeds as well as calcium. Protein is very essential for proper development of the organs in their body systems. 

Protein is also needed by the chicks in order to grow feathers faster. Calcium will ensure a strong bone structure in their body system.

Other treats you can serve the chickens

Some of the healthy treats you can serve the chickens include


Cabbage is one of the healthy vegetables you can serve the chicken as a treat. You can even plant cabbage in the garden with the sole purpose of serving the chickens. 


Chicken can eat Millet. Millet can be served to the chickens as a treat alone or together with other grains. Millet should be served to the chickens once in a while.


Peanuts are one of the healthy treats you can serve the chickens. Peanut is a good source of protein for the chickens. The chickens can eat both raw and cooked peanuts.


Corn is one of the favorite treats of the chickens. Chickens can eat corn on the cob and straight from the husk. Corn provides the chickens with carbohydrates.

Treats that are poisonous to the chickens

These are some of the toxic treats you can serve the chickens. 


All parts of avocados contain toxic substances that can affect the tummy of the chickens. 


You should never serve chocolates to the chickens. Chocolate contains thermamine, which is very toxic to the chickens.

Green beans

Green beans are toxic for the chickens. Green beans contain toxic substances called solanine that can cause diarrhea in chickens.


Chickens can eat granola. You can serve granola to the chickens in moderation and this should be done once in a while. Granola can be served alone or together with other treats for chickens.