Can Chickens Eat Crabapples?

Crab apples can be regarded as miniature apples and they are also delicious.

If you have a crab apple tree at home, you might be wondering if it is good to serve the apple on the tree for the chickens as a treat.

In this blog post, you are going to discover if it please save to serve crab apples for the chickens as a treat.

Can chickens eat crabapples? Chickens can eat crab apples. Flesh of the crab apples can be served for the chicken as a treat. You should prevent the chooks from eating the seed of the crab apples.

Are crabapples safe for Chickens?

You should always ask this question anytime you discover a new treat for the chickens.

The flesh on the crab apples are safe for the chickens. The seeds on crab apples should be consumed in moderation by the chickens better still prevent them from eating it.

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The seeds in the crab apples are capable of turning into cyanide if the chickens consumed them in large amounts. 

The crab apple seeds can cause a tummy upset or death of chicken depending on the amount of the seed they eat. 

It’s very important to always investigate the new treat you want to serve the chickens.

You can’t just go ahead and start serving them anything. Your chickens shouldn’t be garbage cleaners. You should care about their well-being and serve them healthy treats all the time.

I need to be honest with you, I have never served crab apples to my chickens. But I did a little research about chicken eating crab apples before I could write anything here.

I discovered that other chicken owners also feed crab apples to the chickens and nothing happens.

One of the chicken owners I know said his chickens usually eat the crab apples that fell off the ground. And they do not show any sign of sickness.

It should be known that not all chickens are capable of eating crab apples. So you don’t have to feel somehow if it happens that your chickens don’t eat crab apples you serve them.

How do I introduce crabapples to my chickens?

There is nothing special when it comes to introducing crab apples to the chickens.

If it happens that you have crab apples within the immediate environment, you can simply allow the chickens to have a free range.

If the chickens are interested in having the crab apples, they are going to eat the ones that fell off to the ground. They can also climb onto the tree to feed on the fruits. 

You should never expect anything from the Chickens if it happens that they are not interested in having the crab apples.

How often do I feed my chickens with crabapples?

Crab apples are not like any other fruit you serve the chickens. So you don’t have to worry yourself about the number of times you need to serve crab apples for the chickens.

The chickens have a natural instinct which guides them on which of the fruit they should eat and the amounts they should consume.

The same thing will guide them when they have access to crab apples. They are going to eat the little amount they desire and leave the rest.

Some might even ignore it completely and move on with their free range. I have heard a chicken owner who said that her girls don’t check on crab apples.

Can chicks eat crabapples?

Crab apple flashes are good for the chicks but it should not be part of the things you are going to serve them at their early stage.

The majority of the feed you are going to serve the chicks most comes with a high percentage of protein. 

Protein should make up nothing less than 16% of the feed you are going to serve the chicks at their early stage.

Health Benefits of crabapples to chickens?

Crab apples are a good source of vitamin C for the chickens. Vitamin C helps to boost the immune system of the chickens. 

With a strong immune system, it will be very difficult for a chicken to fall sick easily especially during the winter. 

Other treats you can serve the chickens

You should have a meal plan which will consist of a different healthy diets for your chickens. 

Here are some of the healthy treat you can serve the chicken in place of The regular field you serve them


Peanuts are good for the chickens as a treat. Chickens can eat both fresh and cooked peanuts. 

Peanuts are a good source of vitamin and protein for the chickens. Chickens are going to eat dried peanuts as well.


Corn is one of the favorite treats of the chickens. You can’t go wrong when you serve corn for the chickens either fresh or dried ones. 

Just make sure that you grind the dried corn before you serve them for the chickens. This makes it pretty much easier to consume for the chickens. 


Millet can also be served for the chickens as a treat. Millet provides the chicken with carbs as well as vitamins. You can also mix millets together with other feed you serve the chickens. 

Cooked beans

Cooked beans can also be served for the chickens. Cooked beans would have reduced all the toxic substances found in raw beans and this makes them safe for the chickens as a treat.


Bread can also be served for the chickens as a treat. Bread also provides the chicken with carbohydrates. You can serve them bread alone. However, you should avoid serving chocolate bread for the chickens. 


Watermelon is another fruit you can serve the chickens as a treat. Watermelon is a good source of vitamins and minerals for the chickens. 

Chooks can also eat watermelon rind. You can also serve the seeds and mix them with other feed for the chickens. 


Chickens can eat crab apples. It is advisable to serve crab apple flesh only for the chickens. The seeds contain some traces of toxic substances like cyanide which can cause tummy upset in chickens.