Can Chickens Eat Coffee Grounds?

Coffee grounds are often added to the compost and are used as fertilizer because they add organic material to the soil.

If you have coffee grounds in abundance at your disposal, you might be wondering if you can serve them to the chickens as a treat.

In this blog post, you are going to discover if the chickens can eat coffee grounds or not.

Can chickens eat coffee grounds? Chickens cannot eat coffee grounds. Most of them will run towards it the first time you put it in the chicken runs but they are not going to eat it. Coffee grounds are toxic to the chickens because they contain caffeine. 

Instead of serving coffee grounds to the chickens, there are some other things you can do with them. You can add them to the compost or use them as beddings in the pens. 

Is coffee ground toxic to chickens?

Coffee grounds are toxic to the chickens because they contain caffeine. caffeine is capable of causing a series of effects in chickens and other pets. 

The chickens are going to experience a rise in blood pressure if they consume caffeine.

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Loss of muscle control is another effect of caffeine in the body systems of the chickens. When this happens to the chickens, they will become restless and wander around in the yard. 

Caffeine is capable of affecting the gastro-intestinal tract of the chickens if they consume coffee grounds in excess. With all these, it is easier to conclude that coffee grinds are not safe for the chickens. 

Is it safe to use coffee grounds around my chickens?

Coffee grounds are safe to use around the chickens and other birds you have in the yard. 

Most of the chickens can’t eat coffee grounds so you should never be worried about the toxicity of the caffeine found in the coffee grounds. 

You can put the coffee grounds on the runway of the chickens. They might be curious the first time they see the coffee grounds, but it is very certain that they are not going to take a bite. 

Are coffee ground beddings good for chickens?

You can use coffee grounds as beddings in the Coop of the chickens. It is easy to pack coffee grounds after it has been used as beddings in the coop for a while.

Chicken poop mixes easily with the coffee grounds and this makes it much easier to pack everything whatever you want to change the beddings in the Coop. 

Just make sure that the coffee grounds you are going to use in the coop are dried thoroughly before you leave them in the Coop.

Coffee grounds give off a fascinating smell and it does not affect the chickens in any way. But you should avoid using moldy coffee grinds as they can easily ferment.

How do you use coffee grounds in the chicken coop?

You can use coffee grounds as beddings in the chicken coop. Coffee grounds are one of the best materials for chicken coops. 

The reason is that it is easy to park whenever you want to change the beddings. 

You can call the Starbuck to reserve coffee grounds for you. They do that for most people, especially when you are one of your regular customers.

You need to spread the coffee grounds on the open space for a while so that they are going to dry completely.

After that you can spread them directly on the flooring of the chicken coops so as to use them as beddings. Coffee grounds last long as chicken coop bedding. 

Can chickens eat coffee ground mixed with other feed?

The short answer is no. Chickens cannot eat feed mixed with coffee grounds. 

If the feed you serve the chicken is mixed with the coffee grounds, they are going to use their legs to separate the feed from the coffee ground and eat.

Most times the chickens are going to ignore the feed which is mixed with the coffee grounds and focus on the one in the feeders.

Can coffee grounds stain the chicken feathers?

This question may come to your mind when you are about to start using coffee grounds as beddings in the chicken coops.

You must be thinking that the coffee grounds are going to stay in the chickens feather due to the colour of the grounds.

That is not often the case when the coffee ground has been dried thoroughly. Coffee grounds are not dusty so there is no way they are going to stain the feathers of the chickens. 

List of treats you can have the chickens

These are some of the healthy treats which you can serve the chickens instead of thinking maybe they are going to eat coffee grounds.


Pumpkin is one of the healthy treats you can serve the chicken. The chickens love pumpkin. You can break the Pumpkins into smaller pieces before you start the chickens.


Cabbage is one of the healthy vegetables you can serve to the chickens as a treat. Cabbage is a good source of vitamins and minerals for the chickens. You can slice the cabbage or put it as a whole in the feeders for the chickens.


Carrots are also good for the chickens as a treat. The chickens derive vitamin A from eating carrots which makes them see clearly in the dark. You can also slice the carrot into smaller pieces for the chickens.


Peanut is one of the healthy treats you can also serve the chickens. They can eat both the cooked and the raw peanuts. 

Treats that are poisonous to chickens

It is also good to know some of the treats you can not serve the chickens as they contain poisonous substances. 


You should never have been to the chickens. The reason is that they contain a poisonous substance called Lectin. Lectin is toxic to the well-being of the chicken.


Avocados are one of those things you should never serve the chickens. avocados fruits and skins are poisonous to the chickens.


Chocolate is one of those treats you should never serve the chickens. Chocolate also contains a toxic substance called thermamine which is toxic to the health of the chickens. 


Chickens can not eat coffee grounds. Coffee grounds are best used as bedding for the chickens because they are easy to pack. You can spread the coffee grounds on the floor of the chicken coops as well as the egg box. Make sure the coffee grounds are dried before you put them in the coops.