3 Week Old Ducklings

Ducklings need adequate care and a good environment in order to grow properly.

If you have 3 weeks old ducklings at the yard, you will need information on how to take good care of them so that they will grow healthy

In this blog post, you will discover  basic things you need to know in order to take good care of 3 weeks old ducklings you have at the yard.

Can 3 week old ducklings go outside?

You can allow three weeks old ducklings to go outside provided they have a mother to guide them through the yard. 

Photo by Victor Burnside

The mother of the ducklings knows how to protect them from external prey and guide them through the yard. 

You can allow them to browse through the yard but it is good to keep an eye on them. You will be able to redirect them when they want to go beyond the normal range within the surrounding area.

The mother may not be able to spot all the dangers in the immediate environment so it is very important to ensure that they browse within the yard.

However, if it happens that you got the ducklings from the hatcheries, it is not advisable to allow them to go outside of the yard. 

A three-week-old duckling is yet to develop a sense of environment. It may not be able to detect any danger within the surrounding area.

Another thing is that the ducklings can fall into the hands of predators if you allow them to go outside on their own. 

If you want them to move about, you can simply create a barricade of small radius within the yard. 

This will give them the sense of an immediate environment without moving closer to the dangers or something that can harm them.

What can I feed my 3 week old ducklings?

There is a limited amount of things you can feed 3 week old ducklings. The ducklings are yet to develop a strong digestive system that can handle most of the solid food you serve them.

The majority of the things you are going to serve ducklings must be soft and contain a good amount of protein.

Lettuce is one of those things you can feed 3 week old ducklings. You can serve romaine lettuce to the ducklings as well as iceberg.

However, little amount lettuce should be served to the ducklings due to the limited nutrients.

You can also serve corn to the ducklings but it has to be fresh ones. You also need to mash the maize to form a sticky treat before you serve the ducklings.

Kale is another treat you can serve the ducklings. Kale serves as a good source of calcium for the duck and ducklings. You can put kale in the water you serve them.

You can also serve mashed banana for the ducklings. You can mix the mashed banana together with another treat for the ducklings. 

Fresh beans are another treat you can serve the ducklings but it is very important to cut them into smaller pieces before you serve them.

You should prevent ducklings from eating warm and other microorganisms found in the soil until they reach 4 week old and above.

What temperature do 3 week old ducklings need?

The temperature of the atmosphere around a 3 week old duckling can also have an impact on their overall health. 

The ideal temperature for a 3 week old duckling should be between the range of 70 to 76 degrees. You also need to pay attention to the humidity around the surrounding area. 

The degree may vary depending on the strength of the ducklings. This is the reason why you need to get an adjustable heat lamp for the ducklings.

While the above range is the ideal temperature for the ducklings, you need to watch over them to see their reaction towards the temperature at this late time.

The reason is that ducklings are going to tell you the right temperature for them. You will know about this in their reaction towards the temperature adjustment. 

How long do baby ducks need a heat lamp?

The ducklings need a heat lamp as long as they are used to develop feathers on all parts of their bodies. It may take up to nine months for some ducklings while it may not take up to that for others. 

If you are just having baby ducks, you might want to know the right time you need to take away the heat lamp from the little creatures.

Just know that the ducklings will need a heat lamp until they have feathers all over their body. This can vary from one duckling to another as they grow feathers at different paces. 

How do you take care of 3-week old ducklings?

The simple way to take care of a baby duck is to provide them with the basic needs for survival and growth. 

The three basic needs of a baby duck are food, right temperature and water. Provide all these things adequately as that is the major way to take good care of them. 

Provide them with soft food at the right time. You can mashed some of the solid food you want to serve them to make it easier for them to consume and digest. 

Alongside you provide them with enough water to carry them for the day. 

Make sure the Coop, which you are going to use to keep them, has the right temperature to keep the duckling safe throughout the night. 

Also it is very important to provide good beddings for the ducklings in the coop. Also you need to change the bedding regularly to keep the Coop in good condition. 

When can I let my ducklings swim?

Swimming is the common hobby of ducks and ducklings. The ducklings may want to test their strength when they see the adult ones swimming and catching fun with water. 

Ducklings have webbed feet right from the bird, however you should allow them to test the water when they are 10 weeks old and above. 

At 10 weeks and above, the webbed feet of the ducklings would be strong enough to wade through the water. 

How cold is too cold for Ducklings?

Ducklings will begin to feel cold when the temperature is 20 degrees or less and it can have a great effect on their health.

This is the reason why it is very important to all always provide the ducklings with adequate heat supply during the winter. 

What age can ducklings have treats?

You can start serving treats to the ducklings when they are 5 weeks and above. 

While the ducklings are growing up, they will be showing interest in everything you serve the adult ducks.

You should never be tempted with this behavior and start offering them anything when they are still less than five weeks old. 

Do ducklings need water at night?

It is not necessary for you to provide water for the ducklings over the night. The most important thing is to maintain rice temperature due to the change in humidity during the night.

The rate at which ducklings drink water is pretty low compared to other birds in the yard like chickens, fowls, turkey etc. 

How do you take care of baby ducks in the winter?

Baby ducks need more attention during the winter than any other season. You need to provide them with an adequate supply of heat to keep them warm during the winter. 

Also you need to increase the amount of corn you serve them. You can serve the corn alone or together with other feed you serve the ducklings. 

Corn provides the birds with heat after they consume it during the winter. You also need to add extra convert to the Coop to prevent grease getting into ducklings. 


You need to provide your 3 weeks old ducklings adequate care and attention. You provide them with feet that are soft and easy to digest. Give them access to clean water regularly. Keep the heat lamp at 75 degrees in order to maintain adequate heating around the ducklings.